Guest post by Anushka

Anuscka has written a guest post for my blog. It is about trendy and comfy outfits, so it is a topic that i’d never write on myself as I know nothing about clothes!
The link to her blog is:
Please go on over and check out her blog!
Her article is below.


Hello everyone. My name is Anushka, and today I am gonna be a guest blogger on this amazing blog. Hope you like my content. 🙂

Fashion helps us reflect our inner self and that is one of the major reasons why we shall pay attention to our fashion preferences. To go with the trends is a very smart move in the world of fashion, but remember, that it must not come at the cost of your comfort or even your personal style.

Today, I am gonna share with you all some Outfit Ideas which besides being trendy shall suit everyone and also ensure the comfort factor, which is very necessary as the hot Summer season is approaching.

I hope you like reading this post. Lets get started.


It is almost a myth that mixed prints do not look nice. But guess what’s trending this season? MIXED PRINTS! They look really cool and also have a slight bit of bohemian vibe to it. You may sport a mixed print cotton dress this season and pair it up with cute accessories and footwear, and you need nothing else.


A flared bottom jumpsuit with a cami-shaped upper half is something that’s not just trendy and fashionable but also uber comfortable. You can wear it a formal as well as an i formal occasion. You can pair it up with some chunky earrings, an elegant handbag, and a pair of strappy heels.


If you like dressing up in a more casual and sporty manner, then heres an outfit idea completely meant for you. And this one is perhaps one of the best yet easiest! Just throw in a pair of denim shorts along with a loose, cool and comfortable cotton t shirt. Put on a pair of sneakers or anything that makes you feel comfortable, and you are good to go!


Are you a party girl? Well, then here’s an outfit idea for you which is really in vogue these days. Co-ords, as well all know, look very elegant and beautiful. This co-ord, in particular, really caught my eye, due to its minimalist vibe. One can easily wear such an outfit to a party and look their best. A pair of statement heels and an elegant clutch shalk add some more edge to it.


A denim jacket or a denim shirt worn over a cool romper or perhaps any other outfit looks really amazing and never goes out of style. You can accessorise it with a belt, or a hat or just some jewellery and a sling bag. Keep your footwear comfortable and that’s all you need to rock this style.

That’s all about my outfit ideas that are quite in vogue this season. Besides sporting trendy and beautiful clothes, what matters the most is your SELF-CONFIDENCE. So ensure that you are confident, no matter what you are wearing and half of your work is done, then and there!

Thank You so much everyone. It was lovely being a guest blogger for Carol Anne.

Thanks so much anushka!
Very glad you were a guest blogger on my blog!
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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