Let me ask you a question…

What things do you value most in life?

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

21 thoughts on “Let me ask you a question…”

      1. Those are what is most important in my life.
        For values i would say honesty. Knowing that what that person is showing me is who they truly are. Integrity. Humility. I don’t like ego or boastful behavior. I value those who do not judge others because of their disability or inability or skin color or who they choose to love. I had to add that too!


  1. Peace. I say peace because most people love is the answer, but then they still suffer under the deceitful souls- which includes them.
    Love is based on admirations, lust, desire, manipulation, corruption, and who knows what else. I mean with love you can’t really tell if it’s working out, because there is that turbulent of temptations, fear, jealousy and insecurity. Because there is ton of beauty out there, and some is just wolves in sheep’s skin. The fact that we can’t tell, but we just assume that we love someone, or they love us, worries us.

    Even true love, is filled with fears and worries. You love but you still doubt if it’s enough or it’s pointless and the other guy isn’t committing themselves so much like you do. So, much as we hate it, love isn’t the answer, it’s just way of exercising the other values that we have- like patience, perseverance, caring and bravery.

    Peace on the other hand, it’s the ultimate value, that yes, it’s hard to master, but it’s very important. Because when you’re at peace, or learning how to be at peace- with yourself and those around you- you are learning to appreciate everything for how it is, and being grateful anyway. It’s living a healthy lifestyle because the worries that you had, is turned into acceptance. You accept people for who they are- but you can try to change them, and if they don’t, or they don’t want to, you let them free, with no regrets. And you also accept yourself for who you are, while you try to make yourself a better person.

    I always say that when you find yourself a niche, and build yourself around it, knowing that is what will define the rest of your life and give a great meaning, then that’s the first step of being at peace. Then you will begin to grow, and grow, and become who you want to be, moving at the speed of light, with energy of lightning, and further you will go, like a bird.

    Be at peace, and everything-even love- will just be at peace. No chaos, no blames, no regrets. Just new lessons learnt, and new bridges crossed while new puzzle are solved. Be at peace and you will understand that life is what you make it, and you will learn to enjoy every second of it, because it’s limited.

    So why not be at peace for the rest of your life?

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