My laptop is fixed

so my laptop is fixed!
i brought it in to a tech place today and they said it was nothing major, just that the charger was broken. it literally burnt out, which really surprised me.
i didnt think chargers did that! but it seems they do.
so i spent 40 euro on a new charger. to be totally honest i was very relieved to know it was something simple that could easily be fixed, and i didnt have to lose all of my files.
so now i have a working laptop again, and i dont have to type on a tiny netbook keyboard, which was driving me crazy because when I’d type sometimes the letters wouldnt come out, I think my fingers were too big lol!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

41 thoughts on “My laptop is fixed”

      1. I understand.

        I recently spilled juice on the keyboard of my computer. Oh boy. I don’t have the money to get it cleaned. Luckily I do have an iPhone and iPad!


      1. Absolutely. I’m glad it was something simple. I was having computer issues in December and threw a laptop on best buy credit card. I hope it lasts the 3 years it’ll take to pay it off lol.


      2. MacBook Air. My last one was/is really nice a Lenovo y70 excellent for video and pictures editing, recording music but super heavy and not great for traveling. I had a Chromebook that was good on battery and very light but the screen was hard to read after a while. Too small and grainy.


      3. If I’m just typing off line I can go a solid 8-9 hours. If I’m online researching and writing more like 5-6 but it charges full super fast and it’s great compared to my lenevo that would give me 2 hours on the best day. Would never last a flight somewhere. The Mac on the other hand I can sit with it all day and never really worry about it.


      4. I bought my girlfriend an iPad a couple years back and a detachable keyboard. She uses it for everything. A great little companion. Her being a dance teacher she uses it for music, pictures, video and even writing recommendation letters and stuff.


  1. Fantastic news! Somehow I’ve lost two adapters in the last few years (on different laptops). Fortunately, replacements are available. One of my kids spilled Coke into the keyboard on my best laptop. Before taking it to a shop, I looked it up on Google and found a YouTube video how to change out the keyboard. It looked easy, so I checked Amazon, and they had a replacement for $20 or so. It was just as easy to put in as the video showed. I felt really good about myself. Years ago I worked as an electronic technician, but modern laptops can be very involved to get apart all the way, so I would probably take a harder problem to a shop.


  2. good news! Back up your files NOW! this way if some thing happens again, not everything is lost. I back up my files every 2 months or so, though lately I have been using a cloud so my blog docs aren’t taking up space on my dumb laptop


    1. Hi G. Colletone,

      I looked at your gravatar and you speak about
      Depression, Suicidal thoughts, and Chronic Pain.
      I identify with all those things in my life, as well

      Do you blog? If you do, where may I find you?

      Thank you,

      Maryland USA


      1. Very, very grateful.

        Saw mention of cauda equine syndrome.
        Had that until I had back fusion and it went away.

        Very delighted to meet a kindred spirit.

        Again, my thanks.

        Baltimore City, MD


      2. Great blog, I tried to subscribe by email and got “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.” I Googled this and saw that other people have had this problem, but I found no solution, except for one person who said that the problem just went away for her. I’ll try again later…


      3. If you continue to have a problem, let me know and I will try and fix it. Sometimes I’ve had the same problem and a refreshed browser helps. I’ll try and add you manually. Just send the info via my contact page


    2. Definitely! I use a cloud backup service (Google will find several of these, as well as reviews of them) It backs up everything I do as soon as it’s saved (I’m not sure if the app that’s being used to edit has to close before backup occurs, or if it’s backed up every time I ctrl-s) Then, since I like both belts and suspenders, I backup the entire machine every week to a big external USB drive. Before the online backup solution, I made two copies and kept one at a friend’s house in case of fire or theft. I used to be the backup guy at a fortune 50 company (where I was before the bipolar knocked me out) I spent about 2 hours a day every week making sure the backups ran. When we’d get a new tape robot, it could take several weeks for two of us to set it up and learn it.


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