its been a busy day. productieve though too.
as i mentioned i saw dr barry. i got a lift to my apt, from Clodagh my supervisor. then i also got a ride back to abode afterwords. which was nice as it meant i didn thave to pay for a taxi.
i was the only person in today on our ILS course. so I really didnt do a lot of work. I did nothing before lunch as my dr. barry apt took up the whole morning.
after lunch i worked on my personal effectiveness module. we worked on writing a mission statement. that was harder than it looked.
i had to also do some worksheets about hopes, dreams, personality traits, values etc. it was fun. i enjoyed doing it.
since i was the only one in noelle who is our other trainer took me out walking for a while, normally we go at lunch time but today we took off walking in the afternoon, i took nitro and gave him a run in the park. he loved it, he was chasing some other dogs.
i came upstairs after class, fed nitro, and then went to bed for 2 hours. i was falling asleep in class, so knew if i didnt go to bed for a while i wouldnt be able to go out this evening to get weighed.
i had a nice sleep. felt refreshed upon waking an dwent for dinner feeling good.
after dinns got ready to go to slimming world. had to brush my teeth and put on perfume ya know all the things y a do when beautifying yourself lol.
its almost 11 :30 now. I spent the last hour removing all the stuff from a computer that I have that I’m giving my niece whose 10.
she’ll be thrilled with it. I cant wait to show her at the weekend.
Now just chilling out listening to music, doing email and catching up on blog posts.
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday”

      1. Sometimes we act against our best needs. It is hard. I hope also that you get the sleep and rest you deserve.


  1. Would you address how you became able to join Slimming World and organize your thoughts, and your life enough to follow through?
    I have eating disorder and my life is so chaotic.
    I truly admire you, Carol Anne, and all the
    Hard work you are doing.
    You are a blessing.

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    1. Yes we have an eating disorder to, and there are rules about joining when you have an eating disorder. But I am trying really hard. We are working hard I’m not doing eating disorder behaviours. Not that it’s easy but we are trying I will try to put a post together about it

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      1. That’s awesome. You are awesome.

        When you live alone I think it is easier to not follow plans, maybe I am just not disciplined.

        I knew some of your history around eating and I just wanted to thank you for being who you are – honest and open.

        I just have such a hard time being disciplined. So much of the time I tell myself that I don’t care about anything.

        But obviously I do care.

        Oh boy.
        Depression and eating and thought disorder!!

        Take care dear Carol Anne.


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