Answer me this…

so I thought I’d do a question for today for you all to ponder over and maybe answer.

what has been your worst experience with treatment in the mental health system?

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

37 thoughts on “Answer me this…”

  1. I would say right now is just that. We’re reaching out for help, and being told that we’re not sick enough for ED treatment. Psychologist said that no inpatient place for ED will accept u^less we’re on our deathbed.



      1. They are not like that. My psychologist just thinks I’m setting my expectations too high. He told me to stop searching for places because none of them can help me. I feel so helpless!


  2. My GP who was an idiot. She hadn’t actually read my medical record and didn’t know about important stuff like a past suicide attempt, but she still though she knew more about me and my mental health than the psychiatrist/therapist who I’ve been seeing for years and who has successfully managed me through multiple suicidal periods. Without ever trying to contact him and discuss any of this, the GP tried to pressure me into going back onto antidepressants even though the withdrawal was agreed to and supervised by my psych, and also tried to by pass my psych by suggesting I should get a second opinion (with another psych who’d back up what she wanted to do). If I’d done what she wanted I’d probably be medicated to the eyeballs by now, unable to work, and would never have had a diagnosis of CPTSD and all of the useful therapeutic work which has flowed on from that. Luckily I ignored her and found a new GP.


      1. Not really, I didn’t have the fight in me at the time, I just refused to see him again. However, what I was unaware of when I made the decision is that he discharged me from the mental health team, so we had to start all over again


  3. I’ve been pretty lucky in this regard, except for a psychiatrist I saw for a few months who would cancel our appointments at the last minute! I didn’t like her attitude, either.


  4. going to emergency for a pretty deep self harm cut on my leg and hearing nurses gossip about me through curtain partitions – “have you seen her?” “is it bad” “it looked pretty deep” (it was very deep). the doctors who helped me in emergency were great, the nurses were not unfortunately 😣 most of my experiences have thankfully been pretty positive though


      1. can i ask (i don’t know much about did and it’s not something i’ve experienced first or second hand) – if you kelli write the blog post like this one, how do you reply…? do you have to wait to “come up” again or does carol anne wait for you…? sorry if it comes across as rude, i don’t know how to word it more respectfully and i am curious / want to understand! ❤️


      2. Its ok! i dont mind answering! I usually come around when i see my name pop up, so because i titled the post kelli, i am alerted when I see a reply to that, and then I come out and comment back, does that make sense? xo


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