Saturday review

my saturday was pretty uneventful. i woke up early. i only got a couple hours of sleep. nitro woke me up at 6:40. he wanted to go out. so i let him out and then i just stayed up. i went on the computer for an hour. then i ate breakfast. mom called and i talked to her for a while. i lounged around the house in my pj’s all morning. i read for a while. i did email and caught up on a few blogs. i listened to the radio. i washed dishes. then i started feeling anxious. it came out of nowhere, i just started feeling anxious. i decided to call my mom back. then i groomed nitro and cleaned his ears, he was a good boy and let me clean them without any fuss. the anxiety lessened after a bit. but for a while there I thought it wouldnt go and was kinda getting really freaked out. i had lunch around noon. i had a salad with chick peas, roasted peppers, onion, and some sort of dressing on it. it was nice. i couldnt finish it though. i already wrote about my friend coming over. before she came i went on the treadmill for 10 minutes, i decided to run on it. i was puffed when i got done. it was hot in my house too as i had the heat on. after norma left i watched irelands got talent, and the voice UK. there was a deaf girl on irelands got talent. she was really good. i talked to my sister. she is gone to lansarote for a few days. we facetimed and she was drunk.i told her to go eat and get sobered up. she’s so funny when she’s drunk. she kept telling me she’d bring me back some perfume. so i hope she’ll stick to her word. what did you all do for the day today?
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

11 thoughts on “Saturday review”

  1. As I write this, I am now up, but for how long for before I try to sleep again, I don’t know. I have only had 3 hours sleep. I thought I had more.

    Yesterday, I was up just before 6am after being in so much pain still from the night before. I shall blog about it soon in the next day or two, so will go in depth there. My planned post when written and aired will be called, “From Grouchy to Happy in Just Half a Day.”
    I was meeting my mum later that morning in another town for like a mid-morning meet up till viewing a flat just after lunch. Because of me being in so much pain, I was in town earlier than planned so I could sort myself out before meeting mum; getting some Paracetomal Extra, so I had something a little stronger than just paracetomal on it’s own, a wheat bag that I could heat up in the microwave later for y painful side, but because of being in so much pain and out most of the day I needed something now warm, so I bought one of those packs where once you open the heat pad it starts to activate and once you know it, after half an hour, you have a lovely warm spot to ease the pain. It goes on underwear, not directly on your skin. I had mine stuck on my top and it was a god send. By the afternoon, I was happy. Hence title of my proposed post.
    I still have some discomfort now, but I plan to go out and have lunch with a friend his way, so I will be wearing another. You can wear them up to 12 hours the heat pad I had on my top and when you remove it, your area will feel warm for the next 12 hours, giving 24 hours of comfort. I am still feeling cosy there as I write this. 🙂
    The flat I viewed later that day was lovely, but I had two really bug bears with it. The water stop valve, just I ever need it, the woman showing me around did not know where it was. We had a look, but could not find it. My electric meter, was in the shop downstairs, which is stupid. I bet the water valve is there and covers the whole building rather than just my flat, so I did not take it. With me catching bus to flat and not walking because of the pain in my side, I invited mum to see this flat. We then went back to mine and I managed to get my mum to stay until 7.45pm and so had a good time.
    I also had a friend who was coming in the afternoon for a cuppa who although in touch on Facebook, we hadn’t seen each other for a while and so it was lovely catching up before she left to go back home with her hubby and taking with her a dining chair and a red rug I was giving away. I shall see her again in a fortnight at Costa where she will treat me to cake and coffee for the items.

    Your day sounded interesting and varied and I am glad your anxiety went down. It’s not nice when it creeps on unexpected like that whether you know the cause behind it or not. Just remember, it does get better, or more manageable. xx


      1. I am still having twinges, but the heat in my back is still making it comfortable and bearable. I am feeling a little nauseous and it’s probably a bit of wind causing it, so I thought I’d sit up and see what happens after walking about my bedroom for bit. I feel a little better by doing this, but waiting for the wind if that is what is causing it, so I can burp or whatever and it go. I may go down to the kitchen and make a camomile drink. I shall see. I don’t want to really move, as I am comfortable. 🙂


      2. I read that the steroids I am on keep you awake too, so it explains when I had what I called a pain free night and wondered why even though I was tired, I only 4 hours sleep. My last day for these tablets is tomorrow and a few days after the antibiotics will be finished.


      3. First time I have ever been on them, so came as a surprise, but yes, hopefully the 5 days will be enough by the time my antibiotics have finished and see how I go for the following week or two after. My mum has had several steroids and antibiotics since before Christmas, but last time she went back to the doctors recently, they have changed her preventer inhaler to a different one, which has a steroid in it. Early days to see, but mum feels it is helping. I said you will know after a couple of weeks or three, as it still needs to get in your system. 🙂

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  2. Your day sounds really nice, well besides that anxiety. I was a bit anxious too yesterday in the morning, but in my case it passed away after some time as well. I hope you’re having good Sunday as well.


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