Question of the day. About Reality tv

what do you think about reality tv? Why is it so popular?

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

33 thoughts on “Question of the day. About Reality tv”

  1. My mom and dad watch Survivor. My sister watches Real Housewives of… I have watched is Real Housewives of Orange County, and the only reason I watched it is because it brought back memories of home (I lived in Orange County for awhile). I watch My Name is Jazz too. I guess that would be considered reality TV. It’s about a transgender girl and I find it very interesting to see the struggles she has to face and how she advocates for the LGBTQ community. I find it uplifting.


      1. when my daughter lived here still (my oldest one) she used to watch that and it drove me nuts. You are right! SO. MUCH. DRAMA!


  2. Unless you count sports (as in sports I mean just hockey) as reality tv, I don’t watch any reality tv really. Just not my thing, and most of it is garbage like the Kardashians. It kinda disturbs me they did nothing to be famous or rich besides poison our population with their drama. They are the extreme bad of reality tv. Another thing I have against the reality tv topic is reality talent/music shows. I think music is an art form and it shouldn’t be measured by some talent show. There are so many other better ways to accomplish your dreams without the bs, like youtube now has gotten so many people recognition and a start etc. I tried watching the Xfactor once (with my mom) a long time ago. It was accidental..I was eating dinner on the couch with my mom and she was watching it. A guy by the name of Chris Rene who was a recovering meth addict performed and shared his story. The song he chose for his audition was an original piece of his own. I was instantly drawn in and appreciated his unique talent he brought to the show. There was another very talented rock artist too. I watched until the end, two of the ones I mentioned that were my favorite made it to the top three but didn’t win. They gave the title to some washed up pretty pop princess with really no talent. It sells to the public though so she won. I questioned it and was like wth? These two other guys were a hella lot more talented and one pretty much performed his own song or unique touch to a song every time (my favorite) and that isn’t talent? We just want these copies of pop princesses to keep winning so someone else can write the original song for their beautiful voice? I didn;t deny she had a beautiful voice because she did, just urg. Music is more than just standing on stage singing or recording an album singing that someone else wrote for you imo. That was the very last time I watched anything related to music reality tv. I watched a little reality tv in my teens, but it isn’t for me. I also question how much reality it really is.

    As for why is it so popular? Well some of it is why everything in celebrity world is popular. Our lives aren;t satisfying enough we have to live through these people. It’s really sad from reality tv to celebrity obsessions. I am sure there is more to it, but don’t get me started. lol


  3. Many artists now started on those reality tv shows, didnt win but got a lot more famous and more known than the winners of the same season. Which makes me kinda laugh. I rarely hear much from winners of American Idol, Canadian Idol, Xfactor etc.


      1. I forgot that Kelly Clarkson was from the xfactor, same with Carrie Underwood. Lol. They are talented ladies for sure, but again they are very poppy and it is not to take anything away from them or that kind of style. Just it is like the same kind of people wins every year and there is no room for like much diversity. That if you went on the show and didn’t confirm and on top of that weren’t attractive you had a less of a chance winning. Chris Rene who I shared completely unique and talented lost to some girl who just sang covers for every performance. Yeah her voice was absolutely gorgeous, but I am like honestly we have enough of that in the music industry let someone else win please. I love Rihanna and artists like her, but if you research a lot of that poppy or r&b artists whatever you want to call Rihanna, they dont write a lot of their own material. It is written for them because they sound good and are attractive. Am I making sense? 😛


  4. Who I like in music is a dangerous question to ask. To give you an idea I have tons of cds (when cds were popular) and over 4,000 songs on my ipod with more music on my computer. I am a music junkie. lol To name a few artists…I love the oldies like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Waterboys, Peter Gabriel, old classic rock or rock n roll etc (you can thank my dad for the love of older music and rock n roll) other artists I always loved growing up was Eminem, Nas, Tupac and a few other hip hop artists (I had a huge hip hop and especially Eminem phase. Eminem is still one of my all time favs) Blink 182, Paramore, Unwritten Law, Linkin Park, Green Day etc…I listen to a lot of indie now like The Arctic Monkeys. I love other newer artists I discovered in my twenties like Brett Dennen, Jake Bugg, The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons. The funny thing is I just named so many artists and this is a very small dent in my favorites. If I named them all we’d be here all day so I tried my best to give you an idea. I listen to a lot of alternative rock, oldies rock, oldies in general, indie, some hip hop (not as much as I use too) and even some pop. I don’t really listen to specific genres or base my music interest on that I just listen to whatever sounds good to me. Basically if you ever need new music ideas or suggestions you can always come to me. Haha. 😛


      1. Eminem was like my only celeb obsession growing up, but not so much in the creepy way. Haha It was more his music and his writings related to me. He is one celeb I need to see in concert before he retires and maybe the only famous person I wouldnt mind meeting. Even just to say thanks dude your music has got me through the darkest periods of my life etc and btw you are a lyrically genius and teach me your ways. lol I forgot about Pink, I LOVE pink and always have. I like some of Katy Perry songs too. Alicia Keys is another female artist I really like. xD I have too many favorites and music listening tbh.


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