friday update

so I’m doing really well on my diet. I had a nice dinner of lentil and quinoa salad, with fish cakes. I also had a fruit salad for dessert which had strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges in it.
i dont even feel hungry. i am drinking tons of water too. i am feeling great overall.
the weather heres been crap today. lots of rain and wind. i had to go out in it because I had to go grocery shopping. I was not impressed.
i got what i needed though. i was a little pissy that my PA cant take me in her car, because it would save on taxi fares if she could. I had to take a taxi there and back, which was the best part of 15 euro.
but oh well it had to be done. i’m glad i went and got some food and stuff in for the weekend.
now i’m just watching some tv, i took a nap for an hour earlier this afternoon, that I needed, around 3 PM i got a kinda slump felt it coming on and just went to bed and napped.
whats everyone doing this afternoon or evening?
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “friday update”

  1. I definitely needed a 3pm nap!

    It’s 4:15 here now, and I’ve got 45 minutes left at work. I don’t want to drink more coffee or I’ll get the shakes… and maybe just shake right on out the door lol.

    Then spending the weekend with Honey Bunny — making some good food and having quality time together. Crap weather here too. Too cold and wet in the mornings and too warm and wet in the afternoons.

    Have a good weekend!

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      1. I WAS going to make lamb, but the middle eastern market as out, so I’m going to try goat. I’ve never cooked goat, but every time I’ve had it I really enjoyed it. With some asparagus and crab cakes.


      2. I’m going to try lol. Lamb is amazing. I usually get shanks and maranade them overnight then roast on a low temp for a few hours. Sooooooo delish!


  2. I’m glad you’re doing so well with your diet. 🙂 I had a nice day, pretty busy with lots of things, but definitely very nice, now me and Misha are soon going to sleep, well at least to bed, we’ll see how much of real sleep I’ll get tonight. Sleep well and have a nice weekend. 🙂

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    1. Have a feeling I’m going to be awake for most of the night I don’t even feel tired now and I’m drinking coffee so yeah probably going to be awake the whole night 🙂 oh well I don’t have to do anything tomorrow so I don’t really mind

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  3. Fish cakes and fruit salad sound intriguing. I’ll look into those. Today I’m going to try to work through my library books so that I hopefully won’t need to renew them later. Sometimes I can’t renew books because people request them, so I’m trying to get through them faster.


      1. One book is called Shades of Blue, which is about different peoples’ experiences with depression, and the other is How to Be Single and Happy, which is written by a therapist. I’m more content with being single than I used to be, but am still curious about what she has to say. I’ll probably write about these books later on my blog. Some of my favorite books are about social sciences (psychology, criminology, history etc) and I like fiction that has an emotional impact, or has fantasy or horror in it. Do you like books?

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