so mom just got out of the doctors office. i had told her to call me once she was out and so she did.

the doctor put her on an antibiotic and some steroids. she has a chest infection that is aggravating her COPD.

she has to take the steroids for 5 days, she is to take 8 of them each day. i told her she is probably not going to be able to sleep while she is taking them,they have a habit of making you wired.

she asked about going on a nebuliser but the doctor said she would have to get her own gp to authorise that. the doctor she saw today was just an emergency on call doctor.

has anyone taken or is taking steroids for chest related issues? do they give you side effects? I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience of taking them.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

17 thoughts on “Mom”

  1. Oh I hope it won’t give your mum any very annoying side effects and that she will recover from the infection soon. I’ve often heard steroids tend to have pretty nasty side effects, but I’ve never taken any for a longer period of time, so I can just be hopeful it won’t affect your mum.


  2. never taken them but been on the prescribing end. For that short a period of time side effects aren’t usually much of a problem, except as you say being a bit hyped up and not being able to sleep (they can sometimes even precipitate mania or hypomania, but I’ve never seen it with only a few days’ use unless the person has bipolar disorder)


  3. I have taken steroids the few times I went into the hospital because I was visibly mutating: no joke, face so swelled from unknown causes that it knocked me unconscious once and the poor face would get very messed up from the vast swelling. I looked really bad each time, so they put me on ten days of steroids each time, and it ruins mysleep and messes me up. I have not had them for breathing, since lack of sleep makes me far too ill. A friend mentioned that a teacher told him that milk thistle, which helps your liver, is also good for healing allergies and will help reduce the sensitiivity to allergens. That is just an aside for use maybe when things are not so acute.

    I am sorry to hear she has COPD. I hope she can take care of herself and get help that does not make it all worse. Hmm, I’ll try to think what else I know that might be of help. Drinking tons of water helps so much with lungs, especially since she has some scarring from illness. sam,e with covering the nose and mouth if she goes outside and it’s cold or polluted. I hope I don’t have to mention not to smoke.


      1. That’s a hard condition to have. When i grew up i had bronchitis maybe six times a year and pneumonia maybe a dozen times all together, so i have been fortunate that my lungs are as okay as they are. It used to drive me mad that the doubledecker busses had smoking up top when i lived in the Uk, and everyone stodd in line downstairs smoking while they paid to get in, so there was no escaping the smoking.


  4. been in steroids for 2.5 year for autoimmune.
    tell your mom to drink a lot of water. side effect kick in when the course is longer than 3 to 4 weeks. short term courses have short term side effects.
    a lot of water. rest. healthy and light diet will help.
    I wish her health 🙂

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