Goals 4-2-2018

rest a lot today
get home safely from killarney
pack my bag for tomorrow
cuddle with nitro
do one or two self care activities
get caught up on email and blogs
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

22 thoughts on “Goals 4-2-2018”

      1. I am a little low on water today so stayed home to drink it and catch up on things. It’s snowing here and I dislike being in cars when it snows–gives me ptsd too much.


      2. Right now it is still snowing, and covers everything, so maybe a couple or few inches so far. A bunch of fat little birds are sitting on top of the snow in our back patio. They sit on little branches or weeds, and make little holes in the snow and sit right in it. I love them.


      3. And no kidding, a deer just walked into our yard. He or she is about waist-high on me, handsome and solid-looking, brown with a little white on throat and tail, and dark edges around the ears. I saw it this weeka couple of times. It eats all the bird grains and peanuts that we put out, which makes the birds mad.


      4. They aren’t dangerous. They are like smaller versions of cows sort of, not giving milk but they are ruminant and vegetarian. They run away and wouldn’t attack anyone. The one stayed here for a long time and ate the grain, and then went ten feet away to observe everything and be nervous, then came back and ate more. He or she is so cute–beautiful face and body, strong muscles, nice fur and lovely eyes.


      5. Yup, we do. I saw one right outside my window here in the summer, also about hip or waist high when it was walking on its four paws. Those can be dangerous and can run 30 miles an hour. I’;m a complete gimp and can’t run, so I stayed inside. They say to avoid them since if there are baby bears around, they can attack you to defend them. There were three of them in the yard across the street this summer, apparently a mama and two babies, and the babies pulled over the birdhouse that was up on a pole, and they tried to climb the trees but were sort of bad at it. Apparently someone found a stockpile of about 20 birdfeeders up in a clearing where they keep the trees and bushes cut so the powerlines go through. The bears apparently took them like cookiejars or something!


      6. The friend I have who is had did has alot of littles who get very nervous when I tell their bigs about bears–they don’t want me to get eaten up or anything, and they don’t want to get eaten up if they visit me–so they really needed to talk to a big helping spirit bear and tell him that they were no threat to real bears. It seems to have worked.


      7. Yeah, I was worried because they got so scared. The bigs knew that you stay inside and don’t go near bears or bother them and everything will be fine, but those littles got so scared. Poor cuties.


      8. I think part of it is that there are grizzly bears and other kinds, far away, that do indeed eat people or other animals if they catch them, but it’s not the same kind at all. The kids obviously have had a ton of abuse, so they can egt very scared of big scary stuff. They also love me and worry that a bear will eat me up like in a storybook.


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