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I’ll be putting up two passworded entries later tonight. they are the entries detailing my our did reassessment that we had with Remy acqueron of the pottergate centre for dissociation and trauma back in december.
I know a lot of you my regular readers have the password already. it wont be changing. so if you have it then you’ll be able to get in.
if you dont, and you’d like to know what a did assessment looks like, then email me at
for the password. ours was a reassessment, we’ve had our diagnosis already 7 years ago.
they were reassessing to make sure we’re getting the correct level of treatment and care.
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

20 thoughts on “blog Notice, protected entries”

  1. Oh good to know what it is–wordpress just says OOPS THERE IS AN ENTRY ON A BLOG YOU ARE FOLLOWING BUT ARE NOT A MEMBER OF and it does NOT tell me which blog it is. I am hoping this explains it!


  2. I read the first one and it sounds like you are all–especially liz and carol anne– doing a lot of work and your therapist seems very supportive. You can email me anytime you want, but I only get emails maybe 10 am-7 pm my time in the US. Right now it’s about quarter to one in the afternoon–maybe you are five-six hours earlier? I forget all the daylight savings palaver.


      1. Hmm. We’ll see. Those kids may be on a different schedule than you, or they might think that once the bigs go to sleep, they can party. Maybe they need someone like my friend has inside, the cop/coach that is a cop when needed to keep the streets inside quiet, and then when that’s fine, he’s a sportscoach and plays sports with the kids and teens.


      2. They are so smart. They have a teacher inside who knows pretty much what is going on and why, and it’s SO HELPFUL to have that person to give some insights. If you could find yours if you didn’t yet and if you have one, I bet it would help carol anne. Liz sounds a little like the little 8 1/2 year old, EF, who does lots of work in my friend’s system but sometimes does not know when to stop or what is actually the most helpful right then. He’s the one that we gave the job of taking care of Teddy to and he does great at that, although whenever they try to go to sleep he tries to make all kinds of suggestions like “Let’s drive 500 miles to someplace” and ‘let’s go to the store right now’ even if it’s 3 am.


      3. I am only starting to learn different aspects of your system and who is who and who does what. I still have no idea of the total or if some are there sometimes or under what conditions etc. When I was first friends with my friend with did, I used to draw charts to keep it straight, since there were over 20 early on and I just was unsure of it all. I also wanted to be able to show them who I had spoken with, so they could see what was going on.


      4. That sounds very busy for you. I think of multiple/did folks as each alter being like a journal that sometimes only they can read, or sometimes some of the other alters or the main entity/identity can read. My friend used to have introject abusers too, mostly dead abusers who sort of hung out in there making trouble, but they went away eventually. I am sorry that you had the hard times.

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      5. Thanks Donna Lee I appreciate it I’m sure you will get to know more about us as time goes on, you know a good bit now from Reading anyway as time goes on you will get to know more and more 🙂 😃❤️😍

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