Q and A for my readers

what do you wish you had known about your diagnosis very early on?

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

36 thoughts on “Q and A for my readers”

  1. Nothing really – all it did for me was put a name on what for me was pure chaos – it helped me feel less crazy ‘because there’s a name for it’ as stupid as that probably sounds lol

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  2. Throughout most of my life (up until I was 49), I never knew my grandmother suffered from bipolar. It was a secret that didn’t come out until when I was suffering so badly with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. That is when the truth came out. No one in my family revealed this to me until it was too late. 😦


  3. I don’t have any official one, but I have clear severe ptsd, with some brain injury from having gotten electrocuted, and being dead a few times. I think I just do my best with or without any official diagnosis, since even some of the medical ones I have received have changed abruptly, like them saying I should have some organs removed based on tests and then them saying that they were fixed and didn’t need it. Sometimes doctors are way crazier than I am!


      1. Oh, maybe ten years ago in my basement I touched the wrong thing when there was water on the ground. I|t eventually threw me back so I didn’t get all cooked forever, but I did do the white-light-death thing, which was not scary or bad. Since I did survive later though a lot of thing didn’t work right inside since my skin got cooked inside a bit. I didn’t look worse ont he outside though. It made my brain get cooked a little and other things, so sometimes I choke to death now, or almost to death, and it is a drag bigtime. I have to dexhale during it, which i can’t do unless I throw my body against the wall or other things like that heimlick maneuver, to push sir out of my torso and make me able to inhale again. These days it usually works, but I have been up on the ceiling looking down sometimes and that was not as fun as the white light, really–


      2. Thanks. Gotta say, I am not necessarily ‘all here’ sometimes though you know? ahaha! I think we all have our life issues and challenges. I am glad you all are here too, and please if there is anything I should know about triggers etc. you can always email me privately. I don’t want to bring up things that are distressing to you.


      3. hi. no its ok. we’re good mostly we do get triggered butusually its not by our readers, i’m pretty ok i dont trigger too easily but some of the others do but we’ll let you know if there is a topic to avoid. xx

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  4. That’s a great question. I don’t think I’d want to know anything. I wouldn’t change the flow of my life because if I would’ve known, I may not have made the choices that made me who I am today. I kinda like who I am😊


  5. How most don’t take it literally in the African American community, their still in this ‘pray it away’ mentality. It’s explaining why I feel the way I do and why I’m so open about it. It frustrates me so much, but oh well!!


  6. I was already a mental health nurse when I first got sick, so I knew quite a bit about the illness, but what I didn’t realize or want to admit was that it could happen to me. Great question, and it’s so interesting to read everyone’s responses.

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