early morning

its early. just gone 7:30 AM. been up since 6:30. slept really good last night. feeling much better now that I’ve had a good nights sleep. i did get up for a little while and watch tv at around 9 PM. i had been napping for a couple hours. i thought i’d be up for the night then because of sleeping during the day. but no, thank goodness i wasnt. i got up, had something to eat, texted with a few friends, and watched a little bit of tv. then talked to my mom and went back to bed. i went home from my parents house yesterday. mom brought me grocery shopping. as you all know i’ve started my new healthy lifestyle, and i needed food for while i am at home this week, next week i’ll be back in abode for the ILS course. i am proud of myself, i didnt buy any junk food. i swore i was not going to eat any more junk food come january 1st. i intend to stick to it too. i got lots of fruit though. made a very nice fruit salad last night that had grapes, strawberries, orange and apple in it. it was delicious. i did indulge in one small treat for the weekend, motzarella sticks, they sound so good, i mean i’ve eaten them before when i was in america, but i just couldnt pass them up in the store yesterday. but i’ll only eat them on the weekend. and i’ll cook them in the oven, i wont fry them. i have a lot of college work to do, i started it this morning. i have to review a community development project here in cork, i chose the cork city partnership, the place i volunteer at. so far i’ve just done the first part of the essay, where i had to talk about their vision, mission statement, aims and objectives. that part is the easy part. i have another week before it has to be handed in though so i’ll get it done. i just need to pace myself. i also have to start on my journal of learning for the substance use and misuse part of the class. that wont be too hard either. the lecturer wants us to only write about what we’ve learned in class, he doesnt want any personal stuff in the journal. i can basically go from notes and what i remember of each lecture to write it up. weather here is crappy today. its supposed to rain all day long. i woke during the night and heard the rain coming down hard outside. if it picks up later on I may go to the basement club, thats if they are open. not sure if they are will have to face book my friend denise and ask her.
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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