Monday musings

another week has begun. and mines off to a good start.

i slept well last night. it helped that i went to bed early.

I went to therapy this morning. that was good…emily had some time with eileen. she needed it. herself and a couple of young insiders had emailed over the weekend and eileen responded to those emails today.

we talked about the did reassessment. it was a very full session.

now i’m back for another week at the ILS course. we finished off the team work exercise we’ve been working on this afternoon. we all then had to write a review of how we thought it went. i was honest in mine. i said i did not enjoy working as part of a team because i was left to do a lot of the work.

I also went to the bus stop with Nitro. He found it without any problems. He has improved so much since we started working on that route. I didnt even give him food today, and he found it anyway without any treats.

His trainer is coming back next week, on Monday, to do the next part of the route with me. That part involves getting a bus so that will be interesting.

we are having a christmas party here at the centre on thursday. its a christmas meal. it should be fun. i’m looking forward to it.

i’ve started back on my healthy eating kick. i did really well today. i had cerial for breakfast, a toasted sandwich with ham in it for lunch and a bowl of soup, and lemon pepper chicken for dinns with broccoli, cauliflower and potatos. I passed on the really rich desserts and i just had fresh fruit and yogurt instead.

so i’m pretty happy with myself. i worked on goals last week and i decided a goal for me is going to be to lose 4 stone, which amounts to 56 pounds, by the time i finish this course, which will give me about 18 months to lose it.

realistically I think I can do that. It will involve getting exercise every day and one of my tutors has said she’ll come with me for a few weeks while I am just getting started. there is a park right on our doorstep and we will do a couple laps of the park to start, increasing it gradually. we also go to the gym on friday mornings and when I go i will do the bike and the treadmill.

and of course i intend to eat healthily also. i’m determined to do it, i want to do it for myself though, not for anyone else.

ok off to browse net flicks now and see if there is something good that i can watch. the problem is there is too much on there and i cant ever choose haha.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

7 thoughts on “Monday musings”

  1. Aw! I’m glad you’re doing well!

    I’m trying to get back onto the healthy kick after the first of the year as well. With the holidays, things get out of whack.

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    1. , I was going to wait until the start of the new year but then I thought I better just start now to get myself into the swing of things I would probably have one or 23 it’s over the holidays but I won’t be too many

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you are sweet too and you need people to treat you well. i know you haven’t had a lot of that… so i am here for you. i will never treat you badly. i know how it feels to be treated like shit and i don’t ever want anyone to be treated that way. so i treat people as well as i possibly can. 🙂


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