there was a bit of an incident here today between myself and another resident. not a bad incident. but something that caused me to get a terrible fright.

this other resident is non verbal. he lives here. he’s one of the longterm clients that lives here. and he’s in a wheelchair.

i was walking down the hall with nitro on my way to class. all of a sudden i felt nitro tugging. and before i knew what was happening i went careering into Joes thats the residents name, wheelchair. obviously he couldnt tell me he was there because he cant speak! he uses his eyes to communicate, and i did find out later he was trying to let me know but since i cant see i couldnt see his attempts.

so yeah i went into his chair, and then i grabbed it because my instant reaction was oh my god its going to fall with him in it. i wasnt even thinking about well wheelchairs are heavy and it isnt like you can knock one over easily.

so i called out as i was holding the chair and nitro as well…poor nitro didnt know what was happening. so i called and two staff members came to my assistance. they sat me down and they pushed joe into the day centre, and one of them staff got me some water.

i was as white as a ghost by this stage. one of the staff members asked me what happened. at this point i wasnt sure, it was only later that i found out that nitros lead had gotten caught in the controls of joes electric chair, so i just said we had collided with one another. the other staff members went to speak with joe and tell him he had to slow down because he has a tendency to fly around in his chair.

i really felt in my heart for joe because he was all concerned about me and nitro. like i said he uses his eyes and he kept looking first at the staff member who was with me and then at me and nitro. i kept telling him i was ok and i asked him if he was ok.

luckily none of us got hurt. but i bet an incident report had to be written up. no one said it did but that is just a guess i have that probably one had to be written up about it.

I can honestly say though i’ve never needed a cup of tea more than I did after that incident! I went into the kitchen and one of my class mates offered to make it for me. i gladly accepted his offer.

later on in the afternoon the staff member who had been with me came back to see if i was definitely ok,i said sure i was and that i had just gotten a terrible scare. thats when she told me that it was actually that nitros lead had gotten stuck in the controls of joes wheelchair.
carol anne

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

17 thoughts on “Incident”

      1. awww thats cool 🙂 … my nan was part english possibly scottish, I figured that was a thing she got from her ma 🙂 She’d gently pat my hand if i was upset and yell to grandad to put the kettle on … “a cup of tea fixes everything” she’d say 🙂


  1. I’m sorry that happened. Try not to feel bad. I do things like this all the time and I’m fully sighted and have no leads to get tangled. Accidents happen…as long as you’re ok, that’s all that matters. Xx

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