#weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m having a pretty good weekend.

I’d tell you my friend came over this afternoon. I cooked dinner for both of us. That was a success and she said I did a good job and she really enjoyed it.

I’d tell you I started my new med prazacin last night. So far it is going well. I have not had any side effects from it.

I also started a sleep med for a few night to help me get off to sleep quickly. It worked. I slept great last night. This morning I got up to feed nitro, and then I decided to go back to bed because I didnt have anything that I needed to be doing. I had a great sleep and I’m glad I got all caught up on sleep.

I feel its good to do self care and take care of yourself. The weekend is my down time.

I would tell you that I spent some time today downloading media that my friend sent me, described movies and tv shows. I have plenty of stuff to watch now when i get around to it.

Tomorrow I will go spend the night at my parents house. Mom is going shopping with my sister because my sister wants to buy some new clothes for her kids. I am going to text her in the morning and ask her if she will pick me up and drop me to mom and dads, it will save me the price of a taxi if she will do that for me.

I’d tell you that right now I am about to turn on x factor. I have a music channel on right now on my tv. I’ve been listening to the chart show.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “#weekend coffee share”

  1. If we were having coffee , I would congratulate you on all of your progress . You have come so far and are working so hard towards independence and I am proud of you ❤️


  2. I’m glad you are having a nice weekend. If we were having coffee I’d tell you mine is also rather good, although I don’t feel very good physically today. I had terrible nightmares all night long and woke up with a nasty headache which is still lasting despite that I took meds for it. Also I’m having a bronchitis for the second week and am on the antibiotic and these both things make me quite weekened.
    It’s brilliant that your friend visited you and that you made a dinner for you both. I’m glad it went well. Looks like the ILS course is really helping you and working for you and you have no problem with practicing the knowledge that you gained there in your life when you’re on your own. That’s great. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’ve had quite a chilled out Saturday, I spent it mostly listening to music, writing with my Swedish pen pal, playing with my sis Zofijka and so on. I’d tell you that my plans have changed and I won’t take my mock exams on Monday and Tuesday. As you maybe remember I was meant to write them in another school, not mine, but in the school for the blind. Now our district committee started to make trouble of it, they say they have to consider it, while some time before they told me and my Mum that it is no problem, we just need to get on with school and they’re OK with me taking exam in another school. So now I have to wait until they’l l decide and if they’ll decide quickly enough that I can take exams there, then the school will find another time for my mock exams and then I’ll go there again for actual ones, but if not, I’ll just have to write them here at my schol and won’t have any mock exams to prepare myself for what it’ll be like. It all pisses me off, but the advantage is that at least I don’t have to rush with all that learning. And recently I felt quite drained of it, so I’m happy. I mean, there’s still a lot before me, but I have more, or even much more time for it all now.
    I’m glad that Prazosin is not causing any side effects and hope it will last. Actually I wondered how it’ll work for you because as far as I can remember you’ve had low blood pressure because of other meds and Prazosin is used for decreasing blood pressure, but I’m glad it doesn’t cause any problems. Maybe it’s because of coffies, so that your blood pressure isn’t too low.
    I am also glad about your sleep med working and that you slept well on Friday night and that you could chill out a bit at the morning, especially since you’re so busy at weeks.
    And yeah, it’s definitely good to do self care things. It’s nice that you have so many things to watch now.
    Hope tonight you’ll sleep better at your parents’ and your sister will be able to drop you.
    Hope you enjoyed X Factor and that your Sunday is also nice. 🙂


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