Weekly rap up

its been a busy week. as you all know my aunt passed away last weekend. her funeral was this week, it was actually yesterday. we went, but we only went to the actual funeral mass and burial afterwords. we didnt go to the removal the night before. we didnt take any time off. our sister and aunts and cousins all took 3 days off work, we didnt take time off college or the ILS course at all. we wanted to keep our week as normal as possible. do everything we’d normally do. we didnt see dr. barry because our apt clashed with the funeral times. but thats ok, we’ll hopefully see her next week. but we hadnt seen eileen either this week so we had very little support. that led to a few hard nights with anxiety, low mood, etc. but we got through it with the help of staff here at the facility. we also did a lot of self care. we went to bed early the past few nights, and we slept wwell. we did wake last night at 5 AM but we were able to go back to sleep again and once we did we did not wake until 8 AM. i usually get up at 7. we are having a good week on the course. we did a lot this week. we made brownies, and rice crispy cakes, we did some team work, personal effectiveness, we went to the gym today, we did some health and nutrition, etc. tomorrow nitro’s trainer nathalie is coming and we are going to have a chat about doing some routes on public transport like the bus. she is going to work with me and with staff here to train nitro in and then the staff here will continue to work with me after she’s done. i’m looking forward to seeing her. she’s really nice. i bet nitro will be super excited to see her. i’m still going to my addiction studies course each tuesday evening. i love it. i have two books to read before december 9th, beautiful boy, and tweak, both about a drug addict, one written by the addict himself, and the other is written by his father. i am going to compare and contrast the two books for my book review. tuesdays is my busy day, what with volunteering and then college that evening. i plan on doing nothing this weekend, chilling out and just taking things easy. I hope everyones had a fantastic week.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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