so my aunt is slowly dying. the aunt i mentioned a few weeks back who has bone cancer. her body is slowly shutting down. she would not go to a hospice so she is in a regular hospital and its horrible. i have not seen her but i get updates from mom about her and she is having a horrific death. this morning she started seezing, the nurses say her brain is now shutting down, she is also hallucinating and calling out for people. she is unconscious all of the time now, there is no response from her at all. mom said she actually looks like a corpse in the bed. its so sad. if you pray please pray for her. i decided that if she passes i am only going to go to her funeral mass and ceremony. i wont go to the whole funeral, i dont like funerals they really trigger us, so i wont put us through that. i also would not be able to get the time off since i just started my ils course last week. i wish she’d have gone to hospice, she’d have gotten much better care and died peacefully in her sleep. she is on morphine tablets but if she’d have gone to hospice they’d have put her on the box which pumps morphine into the body on a constant basis. now she is really suffering. she was asked to go to hospice but she wouldnt. and her husband wouldnt let her go either. this morning when she was seezing he begged them to give her oxygen and get a member of her team to come see her. however the nurses said no, they said she is dying and they have to let nature take its course. they did ask a member of her team to come up to see her but they refused saying there is no more they can do. its all just so sad. her kids are both drug addicts which is even sadder. both of her kids are heroin addicts. so her husband has all of that to deal with too, which is why he didnt take her home to die. this morning i feel incredibly lucky to have my health. it really is a blessing.
carol anne

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

16 thoughts on “Death”

  1. So sorry to hear about your Aunt’s dying this way. I wonder why she didn’t go to hospice. that’s what they’re there for, or why didn’t her husband want her to go. As you say, it would have been a much more peaceful end to her life. Prayers said. xxx

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  2. I’m sorry that she is suffering such a hard death. I’ve worked briefly in palliative care, and I saw that one of the big benefits to specialist end of life care such as a hospice was not just better pain relief and other symptom control, but the staff understanding and having time to talk about the feelings of helplessness, which staff in an acute care hospital aren’t used to doing. The hospice staff may say pretty much the same things but they say them in a better way, and often that comfort is what makes all the difference. I am thinking of you both xx.

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  3. ((((Hugs)))). Will be praying for your aunt and your family. Such a very hard time to go thru. It is good that you are aware of what you need and can handle and that you are taking care of yourself as well 😘

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