SoCS nov 4th short cut

todays socs prompt is short cut or cut short. so here goes.

when i was 13 i had my long hair cut short. i couldnt believe i was really doing it. after years of having long hair i was finally cutting it. it did not seem real. but I also knew it was time. I wanted a change. I did not want it cut too short, but I did get my hair cut up to my shoulders. And that is where it has stayed ever since.
I love my hair. I love styling it. I love putting highlights and colors in it. My hair is very important to me. Having long hair was nice but it gets hard to manage. I found mine hard to handle.
Do you like your hair?

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “SoCS nov 4th short cut”

  1. I have long hair to the middle of my back. I work in food service so I keep it mostly in a bun. I used to have lots of fun styling it in high school. I have been wanting to get it cut and styled for years, but still am too chicken lol! Yes I know it will grow back but can’t convince myself otherwise yet.

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  2. I have to say I do like my hair. I was blessed with pretty hair. It was naturally black and I am very pale white. It is the Irish in me. Dark hair with a contrast of fair colored skin. I am trying to grow my hair out a little right now. I am always changing my hair some. I want to grow it out a little right now. As I am now 54 my hair is gray so I have color it and I am due for a color as I have a gray skunk stripe in the middle part of my black or now dark brown hair. I love my hair after I color it because it improves the texture for a bit and makes it more smooth and shiny. I amy have time to color it on Monday. One thing that is funny is that when I was 13 I also had very hair down to my but and just decided out of the blue to cut it all off into a very short haircut. I was ready for a change and it was a big change. What coincidence. We both cut our very long hair to very short at 13 years old. I guess 13 is the age when we need a change or something… Good post. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Sue


  3. I also cut my hair because I wanted it to be easier to manage. I had extremely long hair as a kid and it grew like craazy. But now I have it very short. I think if it would be easier to cope with long hair for me, I would let them grow. But I like the thickness of my hair and it’s texture, I’m really proud that they’re so thick, although I don’t particularly like its natural colour. It’s like mousey, sort of brown with grey, so I have it coloured most of time and most often it’s black, which I find to go very well with my pale complexion, I must agree with Sue that black hair and fair skin make for a great combination

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  4. Well I think that’s amazing that you love your hair!

    i’ve been unhappy with my hair since I chopped it last December. Trying to grow since then but it’s so slow! I was traveling and cut it in an impulsive mood. Not good.

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  5. I’m currently in the hair dressers catching up on reading! My hair is very long, almost waste length. I’ve had it short and whilst I love chopping it off every time I chop it I decided I don’t like it and grow it again 🙂 so today I’m having a trim xx

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