did reassessment

so, last night, at 7 PM i got the news…the did reassessment is provisionally booked, for december 8th.
thats not that long away! i am so nervous.
we all are. some parts are freaking out. there will be a lot of people at it, there will be us, dr. barry, eileen, mark, sarah, the new social worker, and two did experts remy acqueron and dr. paul miller.
dr. barry wants this reassessment to figure out where to go from here, what to do going forward. to figure out if she is doing the right things to care for us and if she is meeting our needs appropriately.
i get that. but still, all eyes on us….all the attention on us…i’m freaking out.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “did reassessment”

  1. You just need to show them that you are making progress. Think of it as a review I guess – so what progress has been made, what you’d like to achieve. From the sounds of things it’s more about the care your team are providing and yes you are the focus but it seems like a team meeting to me – the kind occupational therapists have in order to create a plan of action. Kind of a bit like the Supervision that Eileen will have – only on a grander scale. Just to make sure they are all working at their best to meet your needs. It would/could happen without you there in many ways, so it’s awesome you’re being included. Try to remember that they are all on your side. They’re all batting for you and there is no judgement at all. Think of all the other times you faced something scary and unfamiliar and remember how strong you are. You can do this, you are a tough cookie my love! xx


  2. That is a lot of people! But you’ve met Remy & I presume the psychiatrist before? (Think it was that psychiatrist who sat in with my assessment). You know it will be done at your pace and you know they will keep you safe. How lovely it will be to have everyone who cares about you from your treatment team there, all holding hands (so to speak) and showing you the strength of your healing help xx

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  3. That really sounds like a stressful event, I’m sure I’ll be also nervous in such situation, but I’m almost sure it’ll be OK. Their goal is to help you, isn’t it? So it’s very unlikely that something bad for you will come out of it, or that they won’t ask you before making any important decision about you or will judge you. But I agree that being the centre of attention of so many people might be very stressful, I think it might strengthen in your case as you were neglected for so long and not paid enough attention, so I guess it may be a bit triggering now. Try to think about any strategies you will use when you will feel anxious and nervous with them, try to think positively about it, what you will say to them, what the best and the worst could come out of it, just think of it a lot, but not to get scared and to catastrophise, but to kind of get used to it, to the thought about it, maybe it will help you to lessen your anxiety about it. Good luck! 🙂 It’s still more than a month, you have still some time to prepare to it emotionally. It will be OK, you’ll see. I don’t think you need to be afraid that they won’t let you have therapy or see DR Barry anymore, that’s very unlikely imo, ’cause why would they want to do so? As I told you before, if they’re experts, they’ll see the level of your needs and will be able to evaluate what kind and how much help you need.


  4. I would be nervous too. It is a lot of people but I think all the little parts makes a lot of sense when she said it is more about how your team is functioning and the care they are providing you. I know when we used to have meetings with Kay’s team, even though it was all about her (and she was always included as much as she wanted to be involved) a lot of the meeting was more talking about how the team could tweak their approach to help more, and setting/creating goals for her.

    You’ve got this. 💕

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