third session with sarah and dad update

today we had our third session with sarah. we had a good session.
we told her all about getting the place on the independent living skills course. she congratulated us. said it was a great opportunity. of course she told us to mind ourselves because we are going to be so busy, dont forget to do self care things, was what she said.
we talked about when we could meet now that i’d be super busy all week every week. the only times i can meet her are either wednesday when i see dr barry or on friday afternoons. i really would prefer to see her on a different day than when I see dr. barry. the next time we meet it will be on a thursday, 3 weeks from now.
when i start the ILS course next week i’ll do one week then I’ll be off for a week bc they are on midterm.
so i’ll see her during the week I am off.
she said I sounded good today. like I am excited. and I am. She said I seemed ok. Its true I felt ok.
Update on my dad…he saw his gastroenterologist today. She didnt start him on any treatment for his bowel issue. She did however start him on injections for his brittle boan. She seemed to be worried about it, said his bones werent too good at all. she told him to continue the physio to retrain his bowel. his liver ultrasound came back ok, surprisingly. he does have fatty tissue though surrounding his liver. he came home and was disappointed that she didnt really do much. did you ask questions? i asked him. no not really was his answer. why not? i said. I couldnt be bothered. well dad, if you dont ask, you dont get answers.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

11 thoughts on “third session with sarah and dad update”

  1. Couldn’t be bothered, huh? Sounds like your typical guy. I hope the exercises start to help him. I’m gladyou had a good session with Sarah. That’s good you’ll have a week off between starting and really starting. It’s like easing you in to the program.

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    1. Honestly it’s annoying. He really annoys me. Why won’t he ask? I know the doctors should tell him but he should also take responsibility and ask. My mum always has to go in with him and ask questions but yesterday she was on the phone so couldn’t go in with him.


  2. Oh my gosh why don’t they ever ask questions!!!!
    Ofcourse why should he have to really, they are the doctors. They should have given him so much information that he didn’t need to ask any. Feeling pissy about doctors at the moment.
    I’m glad you had a good session with Sarah!


  3. I have an impression that it is so typical for guys to not ask questions. Or even if they ask they aren’t very detailed questions. And it’s even more visible whenn it comes to medical stuff. Well I don’t want to generalise but it’s really so typical. When my Dad had some severe heart problems and had to go to the doctor, not only he refused to go as long as only he could refuse, but then he seemed to be not really interested in what he could do to improve his health. And my Mum was the one who asked doctors the most questions then. And it’s thanks to Mum that he’s relatively healthy now and that he had the needed operation. It’s annoying when they act like big kids who are not able to take responsibility for themselves. Though I think that doctors should also give people more information without asking, ’cause people sometimes just don’t know what to ask about and can feel a little clueless. I’m sorry that gastroenterologist wasn’t able to do much for him. Though I’m glad you had a good session with Sarah.


    1. I think she’s weighing up the options, before doing anything, he just has no patience, he cant wait, although he is in a lot of pain so its understandable he wants something done now. xxox


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