Weigh in!

today I had a weigh in. it was unplanned. my nutritionist was at work, but I wasnt supposed to have an apt with her. i was seeing my cpn and texted her to ask if she was free, i really wanted to have a weigh in to see if i had lost anything.

she texted back saying she was free for a couple minutes and said she’d come get me in about 20 minutes. that suited me as it gave me time to finish up with my cpn.

when we got to her office we chatted for a while first. i told her i was using my fitness pal. she seemed to think that would be a good thing and told me if it was helping me to keep going with using it.

we talked about goals for the week. i told her i hadnt exercised much this past week, not at all hardly. and i havent been drinking water either. she told me to try to start to do these things this week and to also use lecothin granuals.

then the dreaded moment arrived. she got out the scales. i stood on it.

101 kg, 223 pounds. oh no. same weight, again. no weight loss this week. this is the third week, how frustrating.

i was really disappointed with myself. She told me not to worry. that it could be due to constipation, or lack of exercise, or no water intake, etc. try harder for next week was all she said.

and i’d been sooo good this week!

I’d had no chocolate, no crisps, no biscuits, no sweet things at all. I’d eaten plenty of fruit and veg, I’d had 3 healthy meals a day and hardly any snacks. And still I wasnt down.

I guess allI can do is try again next week.

Have you ever been stuck at a certain weight for more than a week? What did you do about it?

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Weigh in!”

  1. i have been trying to lose weight since the year began, and I have only been able to keep off 10 pounds. i keep losing and gaining the sam ten pounds. it is so frustrating. good luck and stick with it. i will try to also.

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  2. my weight seems to be dependent on my use of neurontin. It will go up if I take it, down I don’t. Most of it is steady though. I don’t eat healthy but I try not to eat snacks but meds make you hungry. I also try not to buy them as I will eat them in one sitting.

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  3. Yes I have and what I find works for me to get the weight to start moving is drinking lots and lots of water. That’s the only thing that works for me is to start drinking lots of water and then I will see the scale start to move and that keeps me motivated.

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  4. Oh I’m so sorry! That’s very frustrating. I wish I had any advise for you, but I never struggled with overweight so totally haven’t any experience in it, I can only wish you good luck the next week and believe in you and so I do. 🙂 Sending lots of suport. Don’t give up, I know you’re still trying so hard, but never don’t give up. And I’m sure that soon you’ll see some effects. 🙂

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