Things i want to do

so i’ve been thinking. about things i’d like to do over the next two years. things like courses, college courses, and volunteering opportunities i maybe want to try to get involved in. i intend to stay volunteering with the cork city partnership. i like it there. i also intend to stay volunteering at shine, at the basement club as an admin staff. i love it there too. this new course i’m starting next week, i’ve been thinking once i finish that what do i want to do. part of me wants to do advocacy work. i rang the place that runs the advocacy course i want to do, but they arent running it again until 2019. so thats out for now at least. i found out about two other courses. one is a course in psychological studies, it leads to a degree, its expensive though. 1000 euro a year at least. i’d have to look into it more. i might email my friend denise and ask her to send me on info about it. because maybe when i finish the drugs and alcohol course i could do that while i wait to do the advocacy course. its a thought anyway. the advocacy course is only short, and is relatively cheap. i love psychology so i know i’d really love the course in psychological studies. it is also part time which i think would suit me better than full time. when i go to college full time it always leads to me being totally stressed out and quitting. i’ve never finished any of the full time courses i started. i basically dropped out in the middle of both of them. i was doing social work, that didnt work out. i did childcare, that also didnt work out. that tells me something, that maybe full time college doesnt suit me at this time. i did finish a diploma in community education anda diploma in youth and community work, both of those I did part time. so i can do it. i can achieve qualifications. i just need to slow down and work at a slower pace. i also recently saw a course in community mental health but i think its just an intro level course and its pretty expensive too and doesnt lead to any qualification so i dont know if i’d be interested because i want courses where i can take what i’ve learned and apply it in a work or volunteer setting. another member at the basement club told me today about this training being offered to service users in our area to facilitate workshops and give them to groups of newly diagnosed people, but the thing is you have to be diagnosed with either psychosis or bipolar disorder, I am not diagnosed with either, even though we do have psychosis but its unofficial. so thats out for me, but the clinical nurse manager got back to me and asked me to submit a profile of myself and he said if further training opportunities come up that he will email them on to me. that was good of him and i like being a part of email lists where info is circulated because you find out about stuff that way which i really love since i cant read billboards or posters etc. i also got added to the cork city partnership mailing list. they put out a lot of info via email about upcoming events, training etc. i did think should i go on and do further study in addictions once i’ve my level five certification done but i am not sure, guess i’ll wait and see what happens, if i like it, i think i will like it, but i am not sure its what i want to work in full time, the addiction area i mean.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Things i want to do”

  1. Going back to school is rough.

    I had to drop out of grad school in 2015 when I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. I’d also just started a full time job — it put food on the table, school did not. So I had to make a choice. With my thyroid being all broken, I didn’t have the energy to do both.

    Now that I’ve been out for a while, I kind of want to go back for something else. I was studying criminology, but it turns out the market is over saturated and I don’t want to be police officer of work in probation/parole. I wanted to do criminological research and statistics — not much of a market for that unless I went for a state or federal agency, but I wouldn’t be able to get a security clearance because my credit sucks (yay hospital bills) and I’m related to too many criminals (long story).

    After some soul searching and working (kind of) in the field of child health care and audiology, I want to become a speech language pathologist. There’s a market for it. Also, because I work for government, they’ll pay for two classes a semester, which at this point, that’s probably all I can handle. Also, starting pay for speech language pathology is $60-70k annually.

    Maybe try volunteering in the field you want to go in. Most places love volunteer workers (also known as free labor) and you get to dip your toes in. I would have never thought about going into speech pathology until I worked sort of in the field. I had started studying criminology because, well, I’m related to too many criminals lol!

    I sincerely hope it works out and I’m hard core rooting for you.

    Hugs from afar!

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    1. Thank you my friend thank you. Your hugs are very much appreciated. I will do some more volunteering I think. It will help me determine what I want to do in the future. I do want to work in the field of psychology in some regards, not sure what yet though. Thanks again for the hugs and support XXX


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