Friday evening round up

so i got home from the movie night a little bit ago. there were 10 of us who went to see the young offenders. its an irish made movie, actually its all about cork where I live. it is so funny. but i doubt people who arent from cork would get the humour in it. especially if you didnt know cork slang…i laughed all through the movie though. we all did. i treated the littles to popcorn and coke, so they were in heaven. i also treated them to a burger after the movie. we all went to super macs after the movie for food. ok we all didnt go, but five of us went. it was nice. the entry into the movie was free because its culture night in cork tonight. afterwords sitting in supermacs we me and denise were saying how we should go on more outings outside of the basement club, just us members no staff. we were thinking of maybe going to the movies more often. i shared a taxi home with susan whose another member. so it only cost me 4 euro to get home. i thought that was a pretty sweet deal. too bad i had to see a fight take place outside the taxi base. there was this man and woman both drunk. the woman was in her 30’s, not sure about the man. she was screaming and shouting at him. telling him she was not going to put up with his shit, that she’d had enough, that he was a disgrace etc. then all of a sudden she flung him into the window. i mean literally she smashed his face into the payne of glass. the glass didnt break luckily. but what a fright i got. thank god i was with susan. i was very scared. the thing is after she did that they both just walked away as if nothing had happened. i was happy they did go because to be honest i would have been scared to go past them to get to our taxi. but i hope the man was ok. this is why i rarely go into town on a weekend night. you just never know what you’ll be faced with in there. i was feeling tired on the way home but now i seem to have gotten my second wind. i’ll probably stay up late tonight because i dont have to go anywhere tomorrow. i am going to see rose though. she’s invited me over. its the fourth time she’s invited me over in four weeks so i feel i have to go because i’ve been promising her for a month now. mom and my sister are going out to the beach i think. i told mom it is going to rain tomorrow. they’ll be the only people on the beach lol. she said they’d use umbrellas. then she said my sister might take the kids swimming if it rains. other than that i dont have plans for the rest of the weekend. it’ll be just getting prepared for respite on monday. i dont go to respite until monday afternoon, first i have to go see eileen in the morning. i told kristen today that she didnt have to take me out while i was on respite. there is an induction taking place at the basement club for new members next thursday morning. i want to go in then to meet the new members and make them feel welcome. we were all new at one time and it can be very daunting when you dont know anyone. i feel i have a duty to make the new people feel at home because i am a volunteer in there as well as a member. plus i just want to do it too just because i am nice lol.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Friday evening round up”

  1. I’m glad you saw this movie and had so much laugh. 🙂 And great that you had a treat. 🙂 But oh my God this fight sounds horrible, I think I’d be also scared. Hope you will have a good time during respite.

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  2. It sounds like that fight between those two people was all in a night’s work for them as they probably do it all the time when they’re drunk. I wonder why Cork is the most popular county in Ireland. Most people over here have heard of county Cork if not anywhere else in Ireland.

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