To my followers, question time!

so wordpress tells me i have 1 thousand 155 blog followers. Thanks, everyone! I am in awe! Who would have thought my little blog would have so many kind and wonderful followers following it!
Another blog friend asked her followers some questions, so I thought I’d ask mine the same questions.
I’m especially interested in your answers, especially those of you who rarely or never comment! I’d like to get to know all of you and start some conversations!
So please answer these if you dare!

  1. How is your day going so far and what are you excited about doing in the near future?
  2. What is the most favorite aspect about yourself, and why?
  3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced thus far in your life, and how did you overcome it? And if you are still working at it, what’s your game plan?
  4. What is something you are a jack, master, or expert in/of?
  5. What was the subject of the last dream you remember having?
  6. Why is your best friend your best friend?
  7. What do your favorite pajamas look like and why are they your favorite pajamas?
  8. If you had a time machine (think TARDIS) and you can go anywhere in space and time, where would you go and why?
  9. Why is your favorite color your favorite color?
  10. What was the last thing that you laughed at — like hard core belly laugh, spewing soda out your nose, sides hurting, can’t catch your breath?

come on, I’m waiting for you guys to make me smile! โค ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “To my followers, question time!”

  1. First, please teach me how to get so many followers! I thought I had a lot until you dropped 4 digits! CONGRATS!!!!

    1 – my day is in a dilemma, working in a miserable corporate law firm or working for a full-time retail boutique I completely LOVE
    2 – Probably how much I love people and the more people I get to know, the more fun I get to have
    3 – It was graduating college but then it was moving to a new city. I’ve coped by joining a lot of new groups, getting new jobs, finding my own support network and just keeping up with things that I love to keep myself going forward
    4 – Hahah, I’m an expert at being a cat-mom and a clothing hoarder and fashion blog/skincare/beauty blog reader
    5 – I had a weird dream about work, ugh
    6 – I’ve known her for over 15 years, she texts my parents when she concerned, she knows me almost better than I know myself, no matter the fact that we live 10 hours away, whenever we reconnect, it’s like no time has past
    7 – right now, j.crew weekend pants, michigan crew neck (my alma mater, go blue!)
    8 – I would want to see what my life turned out to be by like age 34 but then come back here and live it to get to that point and experience the journeys along the way
    9 – purple
    10 – this is a tough one since I’ve had a hard day but maybe when I visited the boutique to say hi and just laughed about something random

    Thanks for posting this!!! It was a good reflection! xo

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    1. Thank you for answering the questions. I don’t know how I got so many followers. People just randomly follow me but not everyone comments obviously, LOL, the same few people comment all the time do you get that with your blog to?


  2. 1. I have been very sleepy, but my day has been going well! Tomorrow is going to be fun too, I’m going to see a musical with my family!
    2. Umm, I think my favourite aspect of myself is my friendliness!! I love supporting my friends and giving them affirmations! And the fact that I can be happy making my friends happy is something I appreciate about me.
    3. Hoo boy, a hard one! I think my biggest challenge was running away from home and avoiding the possibility of needing to go back. For a while I stayed with my father, but that made me easy to find and living there wasn’t great. But my partner and I just moved into our own apartment!! I feel very free and safe now. I’m so happy!
    4. I feel like I’m a very good poet! At least I hope so. I help run a performance poetry group at my uni!
    5. Oh gosh, I think this morning I dreamt about…wigs? One of my wigs was cut, it looked very nice but I was worried I would need to buy it again because I missed the long hair. I almost bought it today before I remembered it was a dream!
    6. I’m not certain who my best friend is at the moment…but my partner might as well count! They support me and make me feel happy and safe, so every day I feel confident re-committing to that relationship and friendship.
    7. I rarely wear pajamas, but my favourites are just a lavender tanktop and some basketball shorts. They are so comfy and soft!
    8. I’m not much of a traveler :0 not even a time traveler! I’d probably stay where I am.
    9. Yellow!
    10. The last thing I laughed it was probably something super silly I whispered to my partner last night! We were both super loopy and kept mispronouncing things and it was funny (but also we were loopy so I can’t remember it well!). We have both been very exhausted, but manage to keep each other happy through it.

    Have a good day, friend!

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    1. Thank you so much for answering either, they’re great, I love your answers, you did really well. Thank you for making an effort. I really appreciate it. It’s nice to meet you too. I hope you’re enjoying my blog. XX


  3. 1) My day is going ok. Its almost time for bed ๐Ÿ™‚ I am excited about collecting beach glass in the hopefully very near future.
    2) My favorite aspect about myself is I care very deeply about people. No matter how many times I have been hurt, I still cant turn my back on my fellow human kind.
    3) Biggest challenge I have faced is learning to accept and embrace my various alters. I have always hated and despised them. I am still working on embracing them with the help of a therapist.
    4) I am an “expert” at decorating cakes. Wedding Cakes was my specialty
    5) Subject of my last dream was being caught in a tornado.
    6) My best friend is my best friend bc she too has DID. I have known her for 30 years and she totally gets me.
    7) Favorite pajamas is a pink floral sleeveless nightgown. They are very soft and comfortable
    8) I would go back to a time where I could spend more time with my grandmother. I miss her very much
    9) My favorite color is Purple. It just makes me happy.
    10) My Aunt (who is 80+ years old) trying to take a picture with her cell phone. She held it up to her eye with the screen pointed our direction (like an old fashioned camera) and all you could see was her eye getting larger and smaller as she tried to “focus”.

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  4. 1. My day so far has been good: worked a full day but it is warm and sunny here so it was good to be out in the community with my clients and then had dinner out tonight on the water with friends and my wife.

    2. Favorite aspect is my sense of humor – because it makes people feel comfortable and safe with me and I love to laugh
    3. – Challenge was to return to school after being in a horrible car accident and having several surgeries. Getting a college degree and regaining my confidence in myself and life.
    4 -I’m a master of being a loyal sports fan to my home town teams!!!
    5-bad trauma dream – do not want to share and trigger others
    6-She just gets me….we have been friends for over 25 years and she is always there for me and vice versa
    7 – PJ – shorts and my wife’s t-shirt
    8-I’m not sure….I like this space and time right now
    9 – Green – peaceful and calming
    10 – any funny dog videos on utube or my own two rescue’s in my house

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    1. Thanks for answering. Glad you had a good day. I love funny dog video is too. I love my dog also. My dog is my world he is so loyal and loving and I just love when he licks me and gives me the path. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these. XXX

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  5. 1-How is your day going so far and what are you excited about doing in the near future?
    Day is quiet! Excited about starting L2 of uni in 2 weeks!
    2- What is the most favorite aspect about yourself, and why?
    Probably my eyes. They change from dark brown to near black to dark green but more than that they ‘see’ people pretty clearly.
    3- What is the biggest challenge you have faced thus far in your life, and how did you overcome it? And if you are still working at it, whatโ€™s your game plan?
    My own self-limiting beliefs! Still very much a work in progress. My game plan? Just do the exact oposite of what they’re telling me ๐Ÿ˜‚
    3 – What is something you are a jack, master, or expert in/of?
    Tudor history and Psychology. People have said to me if I could write a book on the psychology of Henry the 8th I’d be as happy as a pig in muck!
    4 – What was the subject of the last dream you remember having?
    My 6yr old’s execution urgh.
    5 – Why is your best friend your best friend?
    She and I understand each other and insecurity is aฤบlowed!
    6 – What do your favorite pajamas look like and why are they your favorite pajamas?
    I recently bought 3 pairs of new PJs from Primark and haven’t worn them all yet. Usually they are long trousers, long sleeves with no characters. I’m not overly girly so you won’t find me in pink or my little pony PJs etc. I was tempted by a grey pair of Bambi PJs where bambi was in grey shimmer. I love Bambi but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it not even for my little ones.
    7 – If you had a time machine (think TARDIS) and you can go anywhere in space and time, where would you go and why?
    I would go back and persuade Mr Hitler and Mrs Hitler to use protection! I’d also go into space and see the world from above… talk about a big picture. We are all but tiny specs on this great vast place which can fit thousands of times into the Sun but each life is important.
    8 – Why is your favorite color your favorite color?
    Because it is?! It’s neither blue nor green so it’s in between.
    9 – What was the last thing that you laughed at โ€” like hard core belly laugh, spewing soda out your nose, sides hurting, canโ€™t catch your breath?
    My son’s vlog!!!

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  6. Wow! Congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s really a lot of followers. And don’t worry about not many people commenting, I think it’s common and people most often just prefer to read, it’s quite a slow process to gain some more people commenting, so was with me, when I wrote on my old WordPress blog regularly. Here are my answers:
    1. Sleepy, sleepy and sleepy. I’m after another sleepless night, well, I actually slept for an hour, had a nightmare and then couldn’t go back to sleep, which’s strange, ’cause I was really tired and sleepy. Now I’m on my meds, so it’s better, but I was pretty anxious, down and generally unsettled before, so not a particularly good day. When it comes to exciting things… I’m trying to establish my own little business and work online as a… baby namer. It’s kind of niche job, but I love names and know a lot about them, so just want to try and hope that soon I will be able to start doing something to make this little dream come true.
    2. The fact I like about myself is that I can easly tell someone’s character traits, my grandad facetiously calls me X-ray, ’cause I can say what’s a person like quite quickly after getting to know her/him and I’m right very often. ๐Ÿ˜€ That helps me to help people with their inner problems and give them some advice if they need which I like to do if I can.
    3. My biggest challenge was probably life in boarding school and that time in my life, there was a lot of tough things happening then for me. More kind of positive challenge that I’m facing now is learning Welsh, which I love, but which is very difficult, as there aren’t many resources to learn from, and it’s even more harder to find any when you’re outside of UK, in fact people in Poland very often even don’t know that Welsh language actually exists, ๐Ÿ˜€ and when you’re blind it’s also harder. But I’m lucky I foun some nice people that are willing to help me and I’m proud, ’cause I’ve learned a lot during this year, though it was very hard sometimes.
    4. I think I’m good at everything regarding linguistics and languages.
    5. It was a nightmare, they are always about the same things. The last normal dream I had was about my crush and it was just amazing and very lively. ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. I have a lot of good friends, but I’m not really sure if currently I have any BEST friend. But well… let it be Misha. ๐Ÿ˜€ Misha is my best friend, because I just love him and he’s my everything, he’s with me almost all the time, sleeps beside me when I’m asleep, is near me when I’m not sleeping at night or when I’m doing anything, most often he’s in my room, I can cuddle him whenever I need, he’s so attached to me, I need him and he needs me, he never judges me, is always blindly loyal towards me, everyone says that he seems to like me the most of our family, makes me laugh, comforts me when I’m sad and lets me cry in his fur, gives me a lot of joy, is never obtrusive and so I try be to him, never wants anything I can’t give him.
    7. I don’t actually have any favourite pj’s at the moment.
    8. If in space, then I’d go to any of my favourite countries, which are a few, if in time, either to the era of Vikings or Celts or to my early childhood to change some things.
    9. I can”t choose just one favourite colour, my favourites are: black, white, blue, green and grey. I just like calm, cool colours, I don’t like any very vivid colours. It might be weird for some people, as I’m blind and lot of blind people say that colours are a total abstraction for them, though despite I am congenitally blind and haven’t even sense of light, colours of my surroundings or clothes are quite important for me, I couldn’t go outside with the consciousness that I’m wearing something brightly red for example.
    10. I can’t recall what was the reason that I laughed so last time, but very often we laugh so with my sis Zofijka. And we laugh at really silly things, but we very often laugh so that we can’t literally stop. Zofijka very often makes me laugh and vice versa, as I love to make people laugh.

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