Emily-spending time with dr. barry

i went to our session with dr. barry today. it was good. we were late getting to the clinic because we couldnt get a taxi. the weather today is crappy so thats why. its pouring outside. the taxi driver was really nice. he walked us in to the reception.

we didnt have to wait long to see dr. barry. there was one person before us. then she came and got us. i held her arm as we walked in, she was waring a watch, i could feel it. it felt good holding her arm, i felt connected to her. i wasnt wearing a coat, because we couldnt find our coat before we left this morning. she noticed. she said she wouldnt make a big deal of it today. i liked that she noticed though.

she had a med student with her today but she sent them out of the room when we came in. i asked her why she sent them out and she said she thought we’d prefer it that way. she’s right, i did prefer not to have the student in the room. i would have felt uncomfortable if they were in there when i was talking to her.

we had a lot to talk about. i told her about therapy on monday. it felt good to tell her about how i was feeling both during and after our session. she listened, she said probably the reason i felt so bad after therapy on monday night was because i hadnt internalised what eileen said to me. sometimes i find it hard to internalise the things sh e says. i am learning how to do that but it isnt easy. she said it was good that i used my blog as an outlet for support. and it was good that the people who read my blog were able to remind me that eileen does care about me and she does love me.

we talked about our meeting with sarah last week. i told her it went well. she was happy to hear that. i told her we’d met in her office which made us feel more comfortable. i was meant to get our injection today but we forgot to bring it with us. we’re going to respite next week so we asked her if sarah could give the injection to us tomorrow. we’ll be going up there to meet karen our nutritionist tomorrow. she went and asked sarah if that would be ok, if she could give us our injection tomorrow, and sh e said she could. so we’ll meet her after meeting karen in the morning.

we talked to dr. barry about the privacy issue which came up last week, remember about the guy at the basement club who was reading over our shoulder. she said obviously he didnt realise that it was an inappropriate thing to be doing. she said she hoped denise the co-ordinator would set him straight, tell him it was totally inappropriate for him to be doing that. we havent talked to denise yet as we havent been in to the basement club this week.

we set up another appointment for two weeks time. we will miss not seeing dr. barry next week, but it would cost too much money to get a taxi and go see her. we can go two weeks i think without seeing her. we will see both eileen and sarah next week so that we will still have support. i’m glad about that.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Emily-spending time with dr. barry”

  1. Emily, it’s very good that you could talk to both Dr Barry and Eileen this week. It’ s a pity you won’t see her next week, but I’m glad you’ll still have support. 🙂

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