Friday chitter chatter

so in case you wondered about who wrote the post earlier where we wanted to cut? it was liz. some of you who know us well might have know it was her. she forgot to sign her name at the end though. but she did write in all caps which is her style of writing so people may have guessed who wrote it.
we all tried to help her well ok not all but some of us did some of the teen insiders did. me, amy, alexa, Tristan, asher, cora, wendy, willow, ro, jade, etc.
she listened to music and read a book. we also made some tea and watched a little tv with surprise of surprises our dad. he was in a chatty mood which was nice. we watched the six o’clock news, that was kind of depressing but we do like to know what is going on in the world.
this weekend is going to be very low key. I intend on finishing a Maggie Hartley book that I’ve been reading called who will love me now. I also intend on catching up on some shows I like on tv, doing something creative, maybe going to visit my friend if I feel up to it.
Anyone got a good idea for a creative craft?
Do any of my readers do art? If you do what kind do you like to do?
What tv shows do you like to watch on tv?
The shows I am watching are shows that I will need to watch during the day because they relate to crime and so I cant watch them by night.
What is the weather like this weekend in your part of the world?
Its actually sunny here today rare for September. Its about 16 degrees c not sure what that is in degrees f.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “Friday chitter chatter”

  1. It is supposed to be hot here this weekend. In the 80’s F (20’s C). I like to watch all kinds of movies, but my favorite genre is horror (although horror movies aren’t so good anymore) and thrillers. I’m looking into getting some paint by numbers — I’m going to have to go to a craft store and see if they have any, if not I will need to order some online. I’ve also thought about picking up embroidery/cross stitch again. I can’t do counted cross stitch, I have to have an actual pattern on the material.

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  2. Sounds like you employed a little bit of teamwork. I’m glad Liz is feeling better. As to what I watch on TV, I like history documentaries and true crime shows. I actually listen to YouTube more than regular TV, though. As for the weather, it’s around 86 degrees Fahrenheight and supposed to get up to 95.

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    1. Yes it is true crime is black lion lane as well, discovery investigation and the crime investigation network doors are two of my favourite channels, I have a couple of deadly women shows to catch up on and I also have a couple of other series that are on ID and the crime investigation network are you on the media lists? They send all sorts of good true crime shores on their

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  3. Good to hear that Liz is better again. You worked together so well through this tough time. I prefer drawing and knitting, especially in times when my thoughts need a redirection from self harm. The weather here in Germany is as to be expected in fall, stormy, rainy and a bit of sunshine with balmy 10 degrees Celsius, but our dogs don’t care and make us go outside with them anyways😀

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  4. It’s very good that Liz feels better now and that you helped her. Good job. 🙂 It’s also nice that your dad watched TV with you. It was a lot of rain here recently, today it didn’t rain yet, though my Dad says it’s very likely. It’s about 20 C at the moment, though when you go outside it feels much cooler and it’s kind of windy. I don’t do any crafts, I only did at school, I mean when I was in boarding school, I did things with clay there sometimes, ah, and after leaving boarding school I also had a period that I was making some jewellery, but it was kind of a short fascination. Currently the only art I’m doing is writing, I love to write and do it very often in all “my” languages. I don’t watch TV very often and when I do, it’s most often with my Mum at evenings and it’s just an opportunity for us to chat, eat something delicious, drink some drinks and have fun than actualy focus on what we watch. 😀 When I want to watch something for its content, I generally do it on YouTube, oh, and recently I watched “Happy Valley” with my Mum and really enjoyed it, it’s a British series, kind of crime series and I love British films and series.

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