exciting weight loss update, pa stuff, and other things

i’ve had a productive thursday. my pa kristen came this morning. she took me to see karen o my nutritionist. and guess what? great news! i was down 2 pounds! after all my worrying that i was going to be up, it ended up that i was down! and i’m so thrilled! i was so depressed last night about going to see her that i nearly canceled. i’m glad i didnt cancel at the last minute. there really is no rhyme or reason to why i lost the weight, because i really didnt have a great week. karen said though that it could be a combo of the last two weeks, when i was up, she said sometimes it doesnt show on the scales for a couple of weeks. well hell yeah no kidding. but its working now and i’m so delighted. we made some new goals for next week. mainly my goals were to drink lots of water, eat more vegetables, eat a breakfast every day even if its just a yogurt and a piece of fruit, exercise 5 days this coming week, use lecithin granuals at dinner time, keep an eye on my constipation, and my mood. so yeah lots of goals. and of course a weight loss goal of 1 to 2 pounds for next week. we were trying to think of a reward that I could do this week and I said I’d buy a book. then I said next week if I was down again I’d get my nails done. so alls good Smile and i’m a happy bunny lol. when we got back to my house after the appointment kristen cleaned and i sat eating fruit and we chatted for a bit. kristen is going to budapest this sunday for a week to get her teeth fixed up. its costing her 3000 euro to have all of her teeth fixed I think she’s getting crowns and other dental work too. it would cost her about 7000 euro if she got it done in ireland. so i’ll have no PA next week, I should have had cover but I dont, because I was meant to be going on respite next week, but I canceled it because I have too much to do and so now I cant get cover because I had canceled the covering PA as well. not to worry i will manage. its only one week. and anyway if i am honest i really didnt want to deal with the PA who was supposed to be covering. a friend of mine had her as a PA and she told me she is a gossip and she talks about what she has to do for the clients she works with. i dont think thats very nice, she shouldnt be talking about clients to other clients. my weekend is going to be farely quiet. well except saturday night, my uncle is 40 this weekend and we are going to have a party for him on saturday night, just family. it should be fun. other than that i will enjoy reading the new cathy glass book cruel to be kind. it comes out tomorrow i think. i love cathy glass. for those who dont know she writes foster care memoirs, she’s a UK foster parent. her books are amazing I highly recommend them if you have never read one you’ll be addicted once you start. tomorrow i am going to the basement club, i’ll be volunteering in the morning and then in the afternoon i’m going to a focus group. shine is making a strategic plan for the next 3 years. we were asked some questions like what is working in the organisation and what isnt, etc. so I’ll go to th focus group and then next week one of the staff and 2 members are going to dublin to bring the feedback from the group to a big meeting and work on the strategic plan.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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