Q and A? on having dissociative identity disorder

so i’m up for answering questions about having did. so, if any of you have questions, please ask! I promise to answer everything asked here.
So come on guys, ask away now’s your chance!


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Q and A? on having dissociative identity disorder”

  1. I have wanted to ask questions about it but obviously would only do so upon invitation. So i know that DID is similar or the same thing as multi-personality disorder. But i know very little about it. I do not want to cause offence whatsoever with any of this. The other people you are, the children included, do you hear them? Like when one of you is forward, are they talking to you about things, about what is going on in that moment? Or do you feel them, their emotions? Im sorry for my ignorance, i know very little about it and only know what i know from movies or tv. Xx

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    1. when another part is out, they have complete control, sometimes we can blend together though. I hear other parts when I am out, they have opinions on everything from what i am doing to eating to wearing etc. lol. I can also see them on the inside even though I am blind. xxx


      1. That must be exhausting for you, for all of you. Thank you for this opportunity. I have wanted to ask but didnt at the same time if ya know what i mean. I only just read your ‘reintroduction’ not long ago. The disorder, because it came from your beyond horrible experience (my bf had a look of shock when I had read out some of the beginning of that blog post to him and he noticed I was fighting back tears and a tremble in my voice. I told him of you when I started blogging and how I had really connected to your blogs.) Sorry I completely got away from topic. You’re disorder came from that situation and everything associated with it, but will you ever… be without them, so to speak? I am sorry if my curiosity sparks anything within you, please feel free to tell me to “f” off in some form if I am being too intrusive or anything, the last thing I want to do is cause you any harm/hurt/annoyance. Xxx


      2. No its ok honest…no i’ll never be cured, its a chronic and enduring mental illness, the best I can hope for is part way healed, some semblance of normal if I stick with therapy, its so nice that you want to know, thank you for being our friend, love to you. xxx


      3. Well I hope that you reach that point of part way healed soon ❤ that must be hard knowing you’ll have to live with it. But I feel you have grown attached to some, if not all of them living inside of you. Thank you for considering me as something more than a faint acquaintance. I hate knowing you feel so alone a lot of times I hope that at least some times I can let you know that even though this is your journey, you are not alone. Sending much love and hugs to you ❤ xxx


  2. How do you manage when you’re more dissociated/switching, then normally, have memory gaps and all that associated stuff? Do you communicate inside about things that happened outside to let an insider who had that gap to know what was going on during that time? Or maybe you write things for each other and communicate this way? And, I bet you heard this question a lot of times before, 😀 what do you think about integration? I suppose it’s not very possible in your case (correct me if I’m wrong), as you experienced so various trauma and you’re so many, but, if you had a possibility of integration, would you use it? Do you think other parts would like it? Sorry if my curiosity is offensive in any way for you.

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    1. As far as what we do to manage when others are out and there is time last week we write things down. We communicate with each other well. If one of us is out then they will tell the others what was going on. As far as integration, no, it’s not possible for us. If it was I don’t think we would want it though. XXX


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