Start of the weekend, yay

i’ve had a good friday. this morning i went out for a coffee with my old pa Deirdre. she stopped being my pa about a year and a half ago, but we remained friends on facebook and through texting. she had texted me last weekend asking me if I’d like to meet up. she had a day off work today so we were able to do it today. it was really nice to see her again. we went to a local shopping centre and had breakfast, and then we went for a stroll around some of the stores. i was going to get some leggings but the store i usually get them in didnt have my size. i ended up just getting my niece and nephew some sweets and i got some water for myself and some doughnuts for mom and dad and my sister, i was good, i didnt have any. deirdre dropped me back to mom and dads house when we were finished. i am staying here for the weekend. i went to visit norma this afternoon. she had rang asking me if she could come over to my house but I told her I was in mom and dads, and that I’d call over to her. I stayed with her for about 2 hours. I didnt even have to spend money on taxi’s because my sister dropped me over there and she also collected me and dropped me back to our parents. i’ve been doing really good now with my healthy eating. i’m going to write about my weight loss or lack of it in a separate post. but today my dad made a chicken curry and we had rice with it. then tonight i had a fruit salad with plain yogurt on it. i’ve been drinking lots of water as well. hec i wont write about my weight loss in a separate post. i’ll just write about it here in this one. so i went to karen o yesterday and i knew i was going to be up but i couldnt believe it when she said i was up by 8 pounds. i almost burst into tears! it was sooo disappointing! i know it had been four weeks since i’d seen her and i was on holiday and not working hard on healthy eating or exercise, but oh man! i did not expect a jump of 8 pounds! it was crushing! so now i’m determined i’ll work hard this week and in the future and get down that weight again. i decided to cut down on tea and coffee and i only drank 2 cups of tea today and no coffee. i’ve decided i’ll allow myself 2 cups of tea a day and if i really crave it one cup of coffee. i’m going to try to stay away from the coffee though. i dont take sugar in my tea but i do take it in coffee. yesterday karen measured my waist too and it had gone up by two centimeters. up instead of down? not good. thats why i decided to cut out the tea and coffee. i’m also back to using the lesithan granuals. my other friend rose texted me an hour ago asking me to call to her tomorrow if i felt up to it. so i said iw ould. its going to be raining here bad tomorrow. they said by 3 pm it would be a 90 percent chance of rain. i’ll have nothing else that i need to do and i do want to catch up with rose because she’s just come out of hospital. i also got an email from the co-ordinator of the college course the substance use and misuse in youth and community work and i have to go to an open evening on the 12th of september, and then an interview on the 19th. I’m excited to do all that. I’m hoping i’ll get in. I think I have a lot of experience so it is looking good for me right now. well that about sums up my ffriday.
catch you guys soon
have you ever battled with your weight? or had a really important interview?

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Start of the weekend, yay”

  1. My friend has weight issues and she uses laxatives to keep the weight off. Whereas I get orlistat from gp and go to the gym. It’s not the weight that bothers me it’s the size, I couldn’t care less what weight I was as long as I remained a 10. My weight has always went up and down but it’s the meds I’m on. What size are you? X

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    1. Not sure any more, I’m big anyway, large I mean, I would be probably a size 20 maybe I weigh 200 lb so you get an idea of how big I actually am it’s depressing, I never use laxative though. Not a good idea


  2. hey all, I have a battle going on right now with my weight. Since I left the hosp a month and a half ago, I am up 8 pounds. I have been eating 2-3 meals a day. I have my breakfast and lunch and then whatever my mother makes. I have been trying to be good but I am so full by the end of the day that I feel icky. I know the struggle with weight loss. I had lost weight before I went in the hospital but now am back up again. So I understand you. It’s really hard to lose once you have gained and lost and gained. It’s like a freaking yo-yo. I have been good though even though I bought snacks my last grocery order. I try only to have a few and not the whole sleeve. It’s harder some days than others. I think the Invega with the neurontin is a bad combo. But I need these meds if I want to stay sane and stop the nerve pain. I just wish I could walk but that isn’t possible. Just changing my sheets was a hassle today.


  3. Oh I’m sorry you gained weight instead of losing it. That’s really sad, but I know you’re lose it sooner or later. It’s annoying that if you want to lose your weight, it goes so slowly, but if you’re gaining despite you don’t want it, it goes like crazy and you’re up immediately. Or if you want to gain a bit like in my case, t seems to be a neverending process, but I’m losing very quickly even though I shouldn’t. Nature is malicious. But I’m glad you had a good start of weekend.


  4. Good luck with your interview and I know the weight struggle isn’t easy. I should be dropping weight eating very low carb. I always did before, but I have been told that insulin causes weight gain and that seems true.

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