did assessment

so just got a call from the people who are funding my therapy. the organisation that funds it is towards healing. they were set up to fund psychotherapy for survivors of institutional abuse. another organisation cara nua was also set up to help fund treatment for survivors. the two organisations meshed and cara nua was supposed to take over the funding of my therapy. so anyway patricia who is the director of towards healing rang me, she said cara nua werent holding up their side of the agreement. supposedly they said they sent me a letter. th e letter was supposed to have said that if i wanted to get more funding from them i’d have to enter into an agreement that states that they would only allocate me 15 thousand euros and after that i couldnt get more funding. as it stands now the funding is unlimited. patricia asked me if i recalled this. i dont. i never to my knowledge got a letter from them. and i will not enter into such an agreement. why would i even do that? i need ongoing therapy and i also need an assessment going forward from the pottergate centre which dr barry is supporting. she needs this to be done so that she can have some guidance going forward with my treatment plan. and the review panel of towards healing need the assessment to be done in order to keep funding my therapy. there is no way on earth that i am entering into an agreement that says i can only get 15 thousand euro of funding and after that good luck your on your own. patricia told me not to worry about it, she said cara nua are a nightmare to deal with and they are really really bad about following through with their promises to help survivors. you literally have to beg them for help. which is so unfair for survivors to have to do that. anyway. patricia said if it comes to it towards healing will pay for my assessment, which is about 2000 euro. she said they’ll also keep funding my therapy and that i am a client of theirs and if cara nua dont want to give the funding that they will because i am their client and they will ensure my needs are met. what a relief! i thought she was calling me to tell me i couldnt have any more therapy. i got so anxious when i heard her voice. at least towards healing cares! just now got a call from karen dr barrys karen the social worker. patricia had said she was going to ring her because karen was the one who got all the quotes for the assessment and put the whole thing together and then wrote to cara nua asking them to fund it. so i had told patricia that she’d be better off talking to karen about it. well now karen just phoned me and asked if i was happy for her to send everything on to patricia which i of course said yes i am happy for her to do that. she is also going to send me copies of the letters, which i will post and the posts will be passworded so those of you with access can have a read of them.
so the assessment is definitely going ahead now, at least i know that much. dr. barry will be very happy. so am i if i am honest.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “did assessment”

  1. I wish you all the very best with your assessment. My counsellor is recommending I possibly speak to professionals about a dissociative disorder also and I am anxiously waiting to hear. That was really positive to read about your funding though 🙂


      1. Hi, I’m in the U.K. In England. Thank you for your advice, part of me thinks an assessment may answer some questions I have about myself, part of me is scared to possibly open that door as I don’t know what lies beyond. Does that make sense?! You keep safe during your healing journey please

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