yippee its friday

but i keep thinking its saturday for some reason. i hate that. and i cant even blame it on dissociation lol.
i’ve had a pretty good day, although my back is aching something terrible. i took painkillers earlier today but then I walked around and was on my feet for a few hours and now its really hurting me.
mom and my sister and me went into the city to get my niece’s school shoes, we walked around some other stores too. my sister got subway for my niece and her cousin, and then they wanted duncan doughnuts so I got one for the kids to have also as a treat.
we went to a local supermarket and I decided to do a little self care, so I bought myself a nice smelling shower gel, honey and milk, its heavenly.
we met my cousin on our way in to the supermarket, my cousin is 37 and he is homeless and a heroin addict, he was sitting on the street begging. it was so sad. he wasnt out of it or anything he was very much with it and spoke to us and all but he was so embarrassed at us seeing him like that. he even said he wished we hadnt seen him in that state.
I felt so sorry for him. Mom gave him some money but I told her later that probably wasnt a good idea because he’s only use it to buy drugs. I offered to get him some tea and a sandwich to eat but he wouldnt take them, he was too embarrassed.
On our way home me and my sister decided we wanted to get thai food. Mom doesnt eat thai food so her and our dad got mcdonalds. we got our thai food i got spicy chicken and she got some other thing not sure what it was called. it was delicious. it was my first time eating from the particular restaurant and i’d definitely eat there again.
so yeah its been a good friday. I think i might have a bath in a while to try to work this ache out of my back. it feels like a very sharp muscular pain.
carol anne

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “yippee its friday”

    1. Thanks, I don’t know if you’re getting my comments because when your blog is Private I don’t know if you get the responses to peoples comments or not so I’m not sure my response is going through to you you might let me know if you get this xxx


      1. Doctor Barry put us on a sleeping tablet Halcyon and Haldol combined not a good combo if you ask me, they made us pretty out of it so much so that when our mum phoned us we didn’t even know what time of the day it was even though we’ve been up earlier in the day and gone back to bed in the afternoon but we slept for four hours solid without waking up at all


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