thank god our therapy break is almost over

and somehow we survived. but barely. i think these past couple of days it has helped that we’ve been on holiday. it helped us to keep busy. although we have taken out the empty rose scent bottle eileen has given us on more than one occasion, just so that we could feel that connection to her. we have also been listening to the recordings she has made for us of her reading to the kids, and of the guided visualisation exercise she recorded. the littles have been feeling alone and sad, this holiday that we’ve been on we’ve been doing mostly adult things, and so they are feeling a little left out. i will make sure to do something fun with them soon too though. maybe i can take them somewhere nice, or buy them a new dvd, stickers, coloring things etc. i think though that eileen will be proud of us. we handled the past two weeks in a good way. yes we emailed her a lot. yes we felt the attachment pain. yes we felt overwhelming sadness and grief that she wasnt here for us like she normally is. but we managed. it helped that we did have dr. barry to fall back on for some extra support. its always better when at least one of them is available to us. thats not always possible but it is certainly good when it is. we again used the calendar that eileen helped the kids make to count off the days and now that there is only 1 more sleep left before we see her the excitement is building. there is no anxious feelings, no fear, it is just joy to finally be getting to reconnect with her. we have thought about a lot of things and have a couple of topics we really want to explore with her over the coming weeks. so yay i think managing a four week absence of our therapist this first two weeks and then this current two week period, with one session in between both, I am very proud of us as a system. Congrats, everyone. Well done.
❤ xxx

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “thank god our therapy break is almost over”

  1. That is awesome!!! Well done all of you!! Personally I wouldn’t have coped well at all!! I’d have gone into self-destruct mode and cancelled the appointment in the middle because it would be too hard to reconnect then lose her again. So you should be really chuffed with yourself 😊Claire is off for 2 weeks start of Sept and I’m already dreading it since my uni is now over for this year so won’t have that to distract me. Don’t know how I will cope and the more I think the more it hurts. Going to have to spend next week talking about it although I HATE letting her see how much I need her.

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  2. I add my congratulations. I didn’t realize it’s been four weeks with only one session. You’ve all done well. Be sure to get a durable present for the littles so someone who gets mad can’t destroy it. Perhaps you could get a real bottle of Rose perfume so all of you could wear a bit of it. I would imagine the littles didn’t thank you for your hangover! LOL


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