Upcoming week in review

so tomorrow ends our 3 day vacation in killarney. we had fun. i’d defo come here again. it was well worth the money and the kids had a blast, it was much better than the last hotel down this way that we stayed in, much cheaper for us to cook in the apartment instead of eating out in the hotel. i probably gained a bunch of weight because i didnt exactly stick to a diet this weekend. i sort of ate what i wanted when i wanted, and i was also drinking some coke and other fizzy drinks. i also didnt exercise much, we did get a little walk in when we went to banna strand yesterday but i didnt find it comfortable walking on the sand because i kept sinking in to it. i prefer a flat beach with flat sand to walk on. we only walked for about 15 minutes before we turned back.
we have to be out of the apartments by 10 in the morning, so we packed tonight. we’re planning on taking the kids swimming, and then we might go to a local wildlife park if the weather picks up. however looking at it right now its pouring outside, so it doesnt look likely that its going to get better by the morning.
tomorrow should be therapy day for us. we’ll be having our sesh on tuesday though. tuesday morning at 9:30 so bright and early. our pa kristen is supposed to come on tuesday morning too, she had said she’d come earlier, but her daughter is having a celebration tomorrow night for the fact that she finished in school and finished up all of her exams, kristen has to pick her up from town and it will prob be the middle of the night when she does that so i said i’d text her and tell her that it was ok and let her have tuesday off instead of her trying to worry about getting to me for 7:30 AM.
i’ll also be volunteering on tuesday at the basement club after i finish with eileen. i’m meant to have supervision this week but i think emily is going to reschedule it because the staff and members of the basement club are going out on an outing on thursday to the beach. i dont think i’m going to go though.
wednesday will be hard. i’ll be saying goodbye to karen. i’m not prepared. i do however have the card i made for her at home and i will take some pics of it when i get back tomorrow evening. i realise now that the card i took pics of last week to post here was a st. patricks day card i’d written to my partner jess and not karens card so i will retake the pics and send them here again really soon.
Of course I’ll also see dr. barry on wednesday. I am hoping she will be with me when I have to say goodbye to karen, for that bit of extra support. i think i’ll need it.
the rest of this week looks quiet enough, i’ll prob go to the basement club again on friday, not sure what I’ll do on thursday, but kristen will come in the morning for four hours, and we will prob clean my house, and i will also see karen o my nutritionist for an apt.
Exercise is a priority on my list this week again also. i want to buy an exercise bike, i’ve been looking on facebook to see if anyones selling one cheaply or second hand. it looks like there are a few people selling them. so when i have a little money i may get one. just so i have the treadmill and the bike, a bit of variety, and i also have my cardio workout on my phone which i do sometimes, thats just exercises done to music.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming week in review”

  1. I’m very glad you had so good time during the vacation. When it comes to gaining weight, I’d try to not worry too much. It’s natural that when we have a vacation or holiday or anything like this, it’s hard to stick to diets and exercises. You’ll lose all that you gained now for sure, we’re all humans and sometimes it’s even good when we don’t stick to our diet very strictly, if it’s not for too long. and I hope this week would be good as well, as usually hope that saying goodbye to Karen won’t be too painful to any of you. It’s so good that your therapy break finishes soon.

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    1. Yes it is great I’m so glad it’s over, and we can get back and resume normal therapy again with Eileen, I’m sure saying goodbye to Karen will be painful, we’ll just have to deal with it as it comes up


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