solution to my sleep issues?

i may have found what causes my sleeplessness. a blogger friend said prozac can cause sleeplessness. i am on the highest dose of prozac, i take 60 mg of it. dr. barry never mentioned it could cause sleeplessness. i’ve been on it for a while now. it is working in other ways. it helps my depression. it helps my ptsd symptoms. but man, if it causes sleeplessness, i am not sure i want to continue taking it. i will definitely be talking to dr. barry about this on wednesday. maybe she has never heard of it doing that? i dont know. she’s pretty clued in about meds. she is what i would term a great prescribing practisioner. seriously though if its not non 24 sleep disorder that i have, and it may still be, who knows, then why am i able to stay awake for a full day? without much tiredness creeping in? i am not bipolar so its nothing to do with manicness. definitely gonna discuss this with her on wednesday!

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

17 thoughts on “solution to my sleep issues?”

  1. I have had sleep studies, which never did nail down a cause. I use some tart cherry concentrate, or some Melatonin (10mg). Not a huge combination of things, that can make sleep issues worse. And much as all of us can hate to admit it, staying busy during the day makes a big difference. And my grandfather was right, make you bed, you will sleep better. And a hot bath before bed makes a difference too.


    1. Yes, I agree its good to stay busy during the day. I try to as much as I can. I think I need to try to develop a good bedtime routine as right now I don’t have one at all. I keep saying I will make one and stick to it but then I don’t. I’ve never tried melatonon might give that a go too. xx


  2. Might be worth trying Metazapine (could’ve spelt that wrong so i hope your reader pronounces it correctly for you!!) I think that’s the anti depressant that makes you sleepy so you take it at night. I’ve been on it before and it had that effect xx

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  3. I was on Prozac for some time, I didn’t notice any changes in my sleep taking it, my sleep-wake rhythm was unstable as long as I can remember. Now I’m not on Prozac and also didn’t see any particular changes in my sleep when I stopped taking it. But everyone is different and it can cause sleeplessness for you, it’s possible, so talking about it to Dr Barry is a good idea, maybe if it even isn’t connected to Prozac you might find other solution. I think you could try melatonine even if you haven’t all the average symptoms of non 24 hour sleep-wake disorder, for the same reason, that everyone is different and can have more or less different symptoms. From what I know talking to people, for some melatonine works really well and one of my friends told me even that when she was taking it for two weeks, her circadian rhythm was regulated and now she hasn’t actually any bigger problems with sleep which’s interesting. But for some people melatonine didn’t work, seems like I’m among them as well, ’cause I was taking it some time ago and actually nothing changed, I also read that a few person had very strange nightmares after it. So I think you just should see how it will work for you. and making some sleep routine would really help I think. Maybe you should try doing some relaxation before sleep or maybe drinking something warm? Just my loose thoughts, ’cause there is for sure something that could work for you. When I was younger my Mum always was telling me to drink something hot before sleep, even in bed and sometimes made hot chocolate for me before sleep and sometimes it worked well. I also like to visualise things before sleep and it works if I’m not very anxious and recently I found out that I have ASMR, which’s very nice, so all those ASMR videos on Youtube work for me to feel relaxed and sometimes to fall asleep very easily. If you’re sensitive to ASMR as well, you should try it. That are all ideas that came to my brain at the moment. I wish you good luck with finding something helpful for you. 🙂


  4. I wish you could be tested for non-24 sleep disorder. Of course, they’d have to get a few hours of sleep out of you which might be hard. Also, do you drink decaffeinated coffee? I know that caffeine can keep you awake?


  5. asmr (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a reaction of your body, or brain actually, for some sounds. When your brain “likes” a given sound, like for example a whisper, or some noises, like white noise, or turning pages, you have kind of pleasant tingles on whole your body or at least in its top parts. There are many sounds that can trigger your ASMR, everyone has more or less different ASMR triggers. This feeling that you feel while listening to these sounds is very pleasant and relaxing for most people, so it helps with sleep. Though not everyone has ASMR, apparently there are not many people who have it. I got to know about it recently and I got to know I’m lucky and I have it. I think it’s good to try such things when struggling with sleep, so I think you should kind of test yourself if you have and which sounds trigger your Asmr. There are tons of ASMR videos on Youtube, some are better, some worse, it’s quite fashionable I guess. Some videos are dedicated to make you feeling sleepy, so, yeah, if you have it, it may work for you, at least sometimes.

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  6. But everyone is unlike and it can causal agent restlessness for you, it’s potential, so talking about it to Dr Barry is a full estimate, maybe if it even isn’t connected to Prozac you might ascertain other resolution. I cerebrate it’s full to taste such(a) things when struggling with rest, so I cerebrate you should sort of trial run yourself if you get and which sounds induction your Asmr.

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