I have a desperate hangover today oh my! :-)

Yes, I do! I drank way too much wine last night. We went to a concert, it was an irish band called the fureys. They were really good. They play traditional irish music and then ballads as well. I had never seen them play live before so it was an experience. We got in to the gig free as part of our package. I had had a couple drinks before the concert while I got ready, then when we got to the bar I had a few more. I think the type of wine they used was a strong one though because wine doesnt usually give me a hang over. When we came back to our apartment we stayed up until 3 AM drinking some more and doing karaoke and just having a good time. I payed this morning though because when I woke up I had a splitting headache and I felt like I couldnt move. Mom and my sister took the kids to crag caves today but I stayed at the apartment. Its a good thing I did too because they said I’d never have been able to manage the caves. You have to go underground to them and you get a guided tour and its very slippy and the walk ways are so narrow and there are tons of steps to climb. I know that would not have suited me one bit. So I stayed home and slept and now after a shower and dinner I feel much much better. When they got home my niece gave me a pretty stone she found in the cave which I thought it was really sweet of her to think of me.

Author: Carol Anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “I have a desperate hangover today oh my! :-)”

  1. I’m glad you had a good time! It sounds like it has been a really fun vacation so far despite the hangover. I get migraines from certain red wines, but others are fine. I wonder if that’s what caused the hangover headache for you?

    Keep enjoying yourself! You deserve to have a good time! Xx

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    1. I don’t usually drink red wine and I didn’t even think to ask whether it was red or white. You’re probably right, that’s probably what happened. I’m not drinking tonight and I’m not going to be drinking for the next couple of months I’ve had enough of it now


  2. Ugh hangovers suck! I hate to have a hangover, well, who likes it. 😀 But I’m glad you have a good time besides and that you’re feeling better now, the good thing with hangover is that it generally doesn’t last very long. I hope the rest of your vacation will be nice as well. It was nice indeed of your niece, that she gave you that stone, my sister Zofijka is similar in this that she also thinks about me and does similar sweet things to me as your niece does to you. I like Irish folk music, I like Celtic music in general, anything Celtic actually 😀 though I didn’t hear about The Fureys before. And it’s nice that your family had a good time in caves.

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