I think I put my back out

my back is really sore and painful today. i think i’ve pulled it. probably from all the exercising i’ve been doing. when i bend forward it hurts. when i am sitting if i sit a certain way or try to straighten out my legs too far it hurts. getting out of bed hurts too. its a sort of shooting pain. not pleasant. i’ve taken a strong pain killer for the pain. hopefully that will work. i hope it doesnt make me go to sleep. i was going to drink a cup of coffee to make sure i didnt fall asleep but mom said that it probably wouldnt be a good idea to drink coffee and take painkillers as well. so i’m having tea instead. the pain has been there for 3 days, but i ignored it until today. its my lower back thats effected. i’m hoping its just a muscular thing and it will come right on its own given a day or two resting. i am not good with pain, i dont tolerate it well. i’d never be a good chronic pain patient. i’m just a very bad patient. my mom says i am a moan and a whiner. i’m like thanks very much i love you too. lol. i’m just gonna try to ignore it and do other stuff for the evening and hope it settles down soon.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “I think I put my back out”

  1. Actually as a former member of St John Ambulance – coffee will make your painkillers work quicker. It’s why they mix caffeine into OTC painkillers, it makes them get into your blood stream faster. It’s alcohol you need to avoid. That will put you out like a light and make the sleepy effects of the painkillers more intolerable. I always take painkillers with coffee or tea. If you’re having the coffee to combat the sleepiness though, it probably won’t be enough unfortunately. If you feel sleepy, you need sleep. Don’t fight it. Let yourself sleep if you can and your back will heal faster. Allow yourself the extra sleep to heal. You don’t sound like you’ve slept well lately, so let the painkillers help that.

    Get well soon Hun

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    1. Really I didn’t know that about coffee and painkillers it’s good info to know, I won’t go to sleep right now, I’m not tired enough yet, but if I do get sleepy I won’t fight it either, thank you for the support as always Hun xxx


      1. It’s what happens when you spend hours and hours in the company of paramedics, junior doctors, medical students and nurses… you become a treasure trove of useless (and not so useless) medical knowledge!

        If you are able to do so (no tummy surgeries, stomach ulcers or sensitivities/allergies) Ibuprofen based pain relief will help because it reduces the swelling and helps pain. You can take ibuprofen based meds along with paracetamol ones (just stagger them, so if you take paracetamol at 8am, you’d take ibuprofen at 10, more paracetamol at 12 etc… you get pain relief constantly but safely).

        As it’s been going on for a few days already, if it’s no better by Monday, I’d go to the GP you don’t want to stay like this, it’s miserable. In the meantime; be good to yourself. Physical pain makes you less able to cope with emotional pain and vice versa so I totally understand why you are a ‘bad patient’. Your coping resources are all used up just dealing with pain, there’s nothing left to meet your other needs, so it’s upsetting and you need help. That’s all. Please don’t label yourself as a whiner. Makes me sad because all the parts of you are lovely and you all deserve compassion.


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      2. Thank you lovely, it means the world to me that you are so kind and caring and wish the best for us, we are so happy to know you and be your friend, and thank you for the medical knowledge to. It’s great to know people who have such knowledge. So thanks. I will try that with the pain relief. XXX


      1. Yeah I thought of you today, I remember you wrote about your back pain before, I just can’t imagine having chronic backpain the whole time, I think I’d be a sapping mess I don’t tolerate pain well at all


  2. Ooh I’m sorry about that. I’d try some warm or cool poultices, maybe it could help you. My Mum has sore back very often and then she lies on her back on something flat like only on the towel for example for a while and usually then it’s a bit better, but I don’t know if it could work for you if it’s muscular pain, my Mum has discopathy, so I guess it should not be treated in the same way. Anyways, I hope you are better now, hopefully you just strained your muscles.


  3. It sounds like there are some weak spots in your back. You may need to find out about some back exercises you can do to strengthen it. Also, it could be the way your body sleeps at night that pulls something in your back.


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