Make time for me, mom

I had a bit of an argument with my mom tonight. She always comes over to my house on wednesdays. She cuts the grass usually, and does a couple of other bits around the house. The thing is she doesnt drive, she gets my sister to drop her off and pick her up. My sister is working and then she drops my dad off to the nursing home to see his brother, and so on the way to do that she drops mom off to my house. Usually on a wednesday I am seeing dr. barry in the morning and so I dont get home until about 11 AM. Mom was coming over at about 11:30. But these past few weeks she’s not coming over until after 12:30. The time she is spending with me is getting shorter and shorter. Tonight I felt upset and said so to her. She snapped at me that I was lucky she came over and that some people have no one to cut their grass or help them clean their house when their PA isnt around. I know all that. But I just felt so sad, I just want a few hours with mom on my own, a few hours a week, is that too much to ask? I know I see her at weekends. But we are rarely alone and I wish we were alone more often. I just want some one on one time with her. She said my sister might drop the kids off to her tomorrow morning, so if she does that will mean she’ll have to bring them to my house. I dont mind that, davin just plays with the big box of cars I have, lauren gets bored though, there isnt much she can play with or do in my house besides watch tv or play with the cabbage patch dolls. If mom is out cutting grass, that means I will have to look after the kids. I’m really not up for that. So yeah tonight I got snappy with mom and she was like what is the silence about? And I tried to tell her Lauren would be bored and she was like I know but what can I do? I really felt like saying tell Laura to drop the kids to davin’s moms house! That would be easier. I know it sounds like I’m a selfish bitch. And I probably am. But I just want my mom to myself for a while tomorrow. I feel a need to have that mother daughter time with her. In the end tonight I phoned her back and apologised for being crabby. She said that it was ok but that I should realise how lucky I am to have the support of my family. I know that. I do know I am lucky as not everyone has that support.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Make time for me, mom”

  1. Next time this comes up, just tellher the truth, that you miss spending time with her alone, that it’s not just about the things she does for you, although that is certainly helpful, but it is that you like having her to yourself. I think that might actually make her feel good. xx

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  2. I am so sorry she snapped at you! She acted as if you were ungrateful for what she does for you and that was not what you said at all! You simply want to spend time with your mother and that is so beautiful. I hope she can understand.

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  3. Well, I think it may look as you’re selfish, but I know you aren’t and for me it’s absolutely understandable that you want more from your mum, you want to spend more time only with her. You hadn’t that time when you needed it the most, in childhood, so you want to get mum’s attention now, everyone would, I think. I have quite similar situation, the difference is that I see my mum every day, but even though I want to have some time only with her, ’cause I didn’t see her so o ften in my childhood. And yeah, some people haven’t support of their families at all, but I think some families are even more supportive, so I guess you don’t ask for too much. I think I get you well.

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