Todays outing

the outing today was a real success. the bus from the centre took all of us to the mall. it was so funny when we were getting on the bus, we were trying to get nitro to get on. he gets pretty nervous in vans or big veihecles. first one of the staff tried to coax him onto the bus. he was having none of it though he just sat down and wouldnt budge and the more she tried to coax him in the more he just dug his heels in. so we then decided that I’d go on first, and call him on to the bus. thats what I did and it worked he eventually got in. when we got to the mall we all split up. some people were going to the movies, and some of us were going to look around the different stores. one of the staff lisa was with me. i decided i wanted to get something to wear. the first shop i looked in was so expensive. i looked at what was on sale but there was nothing nice so i decided to go somewhere else. before i left that store though i went to the perfume aisle. i couldnt buy the perfume that dr. barry and eileen wear because it was 60 euro for a small bottle but there was a test sample that you were able to try so i put some of it on. i will save money up and buy the perfume as soon as i can. i went to next its a department store that sells clothes and other items and i got a lovely top in there which was on sale for 13.50. after that we decided to go grab a starbux. of course then i couldnt decide what i wanted in starbux. in the end i settled on a vanilla latte and a chocolate cookie. i’d say we spent the best part of an hour in starbux. one of the other staff catherine and one of the other girls who is on respite i’ll call her j they both sat down with us in starbux. j is in a wheelchair she has some sort of a syndrome i am not sure what its called but she gets really confused about where she is meant to be and there are other symptoms too and she cant walk either. she’s very quiet doesnt have much to say, so mostly it was me and the two staff who were doing all the talking. when we got done in starbux i decided i wantd to go get some nail polish and fake tan. i ended up buying a moisturizer with a shimmer that goes through it so when you put it on it tans your skin but you have to keep putting it on to build up the color in your skin. i tried it out already tonight and its great. it was on offer so i bought it and the nail polish i bought was pink, pink is my favourite color. the bus picked us all up at 5 and when we got home some of us ate, some didnt because they’d eaten out. i didnt eat out though so i had dinner back at the respite centre. then tonight we watched the new beauty and the beast movie. one of the staff bought it today so that we could have a movie night with popcorn and candy and stuff. the movie was awesome. they made it longer than the original one. and there are real people in it its not animated. we’ve just finished watching it a few minutes ago. i’m feeling really good. happy and content and relaxed and very chilled out. nitro is exhausted because one of the staff took him for a run in the park, and then i took him out in the garden a couple of minutes ago for another run around. he’ll sleep good tonight i think.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Todays outing”

  1. I am dying to see Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson played in the Harry Potter movies and I just adore her. She plays Belle in the movie. It is one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, well with my nieces and nephew anyway. Saw it lots of times, LOL Hope it’s on Netflix so I can watch it.


  2. I know Dr. Barry thinks your sleep problems are related to trauma, but I wonder ifyou may also have that non-24 hour problem that a lot of blind people have.

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    1. I was thinking I might, it’s all or nothing usually, either I’m sleeping too much or too little, I may talk to someone about it maybe my GP maybe I could get referred her sleep study


  3. It’s great that you had so good day and that your outing was so nice. I’m glad you’re relaxed. Hope today is also good.


  4. Sounds great. Did you guyswatch it with description?

    My besti got it from our library and it has discription as an option. Hopefully, we’ll get to watcj ot befpre sje jas tp bring it back

    She can always check it back out instead of handing it in but who knows. She might get distracted with something else.

    Love her dearly, but she is easily distractable,LOL



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