shit internet

i’m in a bit of a bad mood. my internet is acting up. it started earlier tonight. around 7:30 PM. I rang tech support. The guy changed some of my modem settings and he said it was working again. however five mins after coming off of the call it quit working. i didnt bother calling him back because I was frustrated and also feeling tired, and I thought if I just went away from it for a while that by some miracle it would come back. No such luck. I went to bed and miracle of miracles I went to sleep and slept for a couple hours. When I got up it still wasnt back. So again I went and got through to tech support. This time the guy I spoke to said he thought my modem was failing. I’ve only had this particular modem for a couple of months. They dont seem to last these new E fibre modems. He did some things and I am able to get online for now at least, but he has ordered me a new modem. He said I should have it within a day or two. I had hoped to go to mom and dads house on Thursday but now it looks like I’ll have to stay here until Friday and go from here to respite on Friday. Thats a bit of an annoyance to me. but what can I do. I hope the connection stays up and I can continue to use it for the next couple of days. Its frustrating being without it. My wifi on my phone isnt working, so I have to use data on my phone. At least I wont have to worry for the weekend as I’ll be in respite where there is a solid connection. He said once I get the new modem that all I’ll have to do is plug it in and then enter the wifi key on the back of it into my devices. Then I’m good to go. We shall see. Knowing my luck it wont work that way, lol.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

9 thoughts on “shit internet”

  1. I feel your pain as I was without home internet for a week due to some central office bug. I had to use my phone as a hotspot and also use my phone’s data to get things going. I hated being without the net. I also got new wiring and a new modem. Things are faster but for some reason my browsers don’t refresh like they used to unless I open them. It is an annoyance. Hope the new modem fixes things for you. hugs.

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