thinking outside the box

todays session was interesting and intense. intense because a lot of hard things were discussed, and interesting because eileen had to think outside the box. we were discussing the upcoming break. we were saying how we felt like the space was too much, how the time that she’d be gone felt just too long. she was asking if we had a concept of time. i said no not really, that because of our did and because of dissociation it is very hard for us to navigate time, our concept of time is very screwy. so then we brainstormed and tried to come up with ways to tell time. first of all she went and got her diary and we broke down the amount of days she was going to be unavailable to us. overall it will be for 2 weeks. starting on july 31st and ending august 14th. she said if we really needed to that we could come in on august 8th, and we thought we might have to, but after the session we’ve thought about it and now we arent going to do that. we are going to take the whole two weeks break, as hard as that will be. anyway we were brainstorming about a way to show the kids about how long she’d be gone, eileen asked if we wanted to make a calendar using stickers and glitter and stuff. she said she’d draw it for us and then we could stick the stickers and things on each day. of course we wanted to do it! we jumped at the chance to do some art with her! so she went in and brought out a big art box, with all this scrapbooking stuff in it. i was like wow you kept that one quiet, i never knew you had so much art stuff! she laughed and said yeah i guess i did. allie came out and they worked on the project together. she was so happy to get to do something fun with eileen that wasnt like therapy. they decided to put two butterflies for the two mondays that eileen would be on holidays, and for the other 3 weeks they put a flower on the calendar. then eileen stuck little diamond glittery stickers on all of the other days, and she asked allie if she wanted to be in charge of helping the younger kids to tell time. of course allie did, because she likes to be the boss. it was a really good idea that eileen had to do this. and i think its really going to work for us. sometimes you have to think outside the box!


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “thinking outside the box”

  1. That is really cool! I think you guys are really keeping Eileen on her toes, which makes her a better therapist all round. I wonder if she has non-DID children she works with. Do you wear a Braille or talking watch? I have a talking one that tells you both time and date which is helpful. that way, even if someone pushed you aside without your permission, when you came back you could look and be able to calculate how much time you’d lost. I’ve always been rather a stickler for time; I like to know what time it is. the time and date watch is much better than just the time watch.


  2. Really interesting. 🙂 Allie had to be in heaven. 😀 I’m sure you strengthened a lot the bond between you and Eileen. 🙂 I hope this calendar will help you.


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