man i really need to figure this sleep thing out

well yes. like the title says. i have got to figure out the sleep thing. my sleep patterns are so off. its not even funny.

of course if i didnt sleep during the day, and didnt stay awake for half the night, i might have some chance of figuring it out. but no, yesterday i slept in the afternoon because tiredness overtook me. and then last night i wasnt tired at all so i stayed up until 3 AM. got up again at 8 AM this morning.

i hate the not being able to sleep at proper times. and for proper amounts of time. its either too much or too little. there is no balance.

i hate taking meds to help me sleep. i dont feel that its the answer. i am on a sleep med, but i think i’ve become immune to it, or it has built up in my system or something and now it just doesnt work any longer.

i think i’ll try staying awake for the entire day today and see if that doesnt reset things for me. wish me luck!


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “man i really need to figure this sleep thing out”

  1. I have pretty similar situation. I rarely sleep during the day, only when I really cannot function properly without a nap, but even though I not always sleep at night when I should and almost always sleep not enough or too much or have nightmares and then can’t sleep after them or wake up very often and so on. It’s really a problem, though it’s with me as long as I can remember, even longer than any mental problems, so I must say I somehow got used to it. I think that blindness plays a huge role in it in our cases. I don’t know how it is with producing melatonin when it comes for people having the sense of light, which I guess you have, as most blind people are still able to see the light, but I don’t have it and don’t have a proper amount of melatonin either, even though I supplemented it for quite a long time. But maybe you should try it? Maybe that’s your problem? I really wish you luck and hope you succeeded yesterday with not sleeping during the day. Reseting your sleep cycle can be very painful at times and craves a lot of determination, so if you did, you can be really proud of yourself and hope that it will help you.

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    1. I actually didn’t, I actually slept during the day again yesterday it’s crazy, I really don’t know how I can change it excepted you staying away no matter what I hope I can fix the problem soon XXX


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