Treadmill stats and progress update

Just got off the treadmill. Its only 5:40 AM, I decided today to start early, lol.
I did 15 minutes, at a relatively moderate pace.
Distance: 0.82 KM
Time: 15 minutes

Calories burned, 117

I feel good! I’m determined to challenge myself more each time I go on!


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

13 thoughts on “Treadmill stats and progress update”

  1. That’s so awesome that you are doing this every day!
    I have missed like 10 of your blog posts! None of them were in my email for some reason and a bunch got put into my junk folder. I have no idea how these things happen on wordpress.

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    1. Neither do I it’s crazy isn’t it? You have to check everywhere for the posts it shouldn’t happen like that, I’m sorry that it happened, I tried to put on my post into one folder is that what you do to?


      1. I should do that. That is a great idea. They should just all be in my inbox but they aren’t. I saw someone else post that wordpress unfollowed some of her favorite followers and now she can’t remember their names to add them back but she noticed that she was following a certain number and then they were gone.

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      2. Hope that doesn’t happen to me I’d be very sad if I left my followers are the people that I follow because I can’t remember half their names either I hope it doesn’t happen I’ll be on the lookout but please hope it won’t happen


      3. I honestly think, I have noticed that the button to visit the site and unfollow the site are right next to each other so it could be easy to unfollow accidentally if you are using the app and not email. I’m thinking that is what happened.

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      4. Oh okay, I’m not used the app for following and stuff I’m only used to replying to comments and looking at my comments and likes I don’t go into the reader at all


      5. There are a few that I have not heard from in a long time and I don’t know if they just aren’t blogging anymore or if something happened to them. I don’t think it will happen to you. I would not worry that unfollowing would happen

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      6. Yeah it’s hard when people start blogging and you don’t know what has become of them that’s like me with a LT the girl who used to write I am a foster kid she was really good I liked her blog but she hasn’t blocked in over a year I think she might of killed herself because the last time she wrote she was really depressed I have heard of people who have killed themselves in the Bobbin community it’s very sad when that happens especially when we get to know the people so well to their blogs


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