Processing karens leaving with eileen

this is what we talked about mostly in therapy this week, is karens leaving. it was so difficult. but also so great to be able to finally process our feelings around it. eileen kept saying how important it is that we talk about our memories of karen, about what she means and meant to us. so we did. and that felt good. eileen said that karen will always be important to us, and we will take part of her with us in our heart forever. she said when someone important comes into our life, then we take that person in in little ways, and once they’ve mattered to us, they’ll always matter to us. i liked that idea. she kept saying how resilient we are and she feels we will get through this and be ok, because we are strong and have good resources and we are capable and hav gotten through much more difficult challenges in our life. i told her that dr. barry was organising a proper goodbye for us and karen, and she said this was really important, and not just to say goodbye, but to do it in a healthy way. i agree. this goodbye means a lot to us and i am so grateful to dr. barry for organising it for us. eileen said she was glad that dr. barry gets it, gets how much this means to us and she was glad we were taken into consideration in all this. i am, too. she helped some of the kids to process their feelings by doing descriptive exercises with them around how parts of their bodies felt, like for example allie was able to tell her that her chest felt tight, heavy, that she felt shaky in her tummy etc and then they were able to do some breathing exercises and eileen asked her to place her hands over the effected areas and do a sort of holding exercise, holding the parts of her body that are feeling bad and caring for them. it was surprising how well that worked and how well it calmed the kids. it was a good session and we left feeling much calmer and more in control and although saying goodbye to karen is going to be hard, i feel much better about it now than I did 2 days ago.
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Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Processing karens leaving with eileen”

  1. I am glad you all were able to talk to Eileen as I was worried with all the blog posts the other night. I know saying goodbye is difficult, for anyone that touches us, but you all have different parts that know Karen so it is a little more complex. I hope that the kids can maybe write a goodbye card to her to help them feel better. I am here if you need me. Just an email or blog comment away!

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    1. Thank you Hun, I think we will get a goodbye card today for her, and write it out and send it to her give it to her I mean tomorrow if we get to say goodbye tomorrow I’m not sure if it’ll be tomorrow that were saying goodbye or if it’s next week hopefully it’s tomorrow because I’m prepared now

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  2. I’m very glad you could process all these feelings connected with Karen and her leaving with Eileen, it’s good that it helped you a bit.


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