the last few days

so the last few days have been busy for me. the weathers been absolutely amazing here, sunny and warm, in fact too warm at times.
I pulled out all of my summer clothes, shorts, stringy tops, and had to end up wearing a pair of shorts and string top to bed last night, as well as sleeping with no covers on me it was that warm. dont forget that its quite unheard of here in ireland to get temps past 18 or 19 c or low 70’s f.
i had a relief PA yesterday, instead of my regular PA. I knew her, she has done relief for me before, so that was ok, she’s nice, and she got everything done that needed doing.
My regular PA went to see Justin bieber with her daughter on Wednesday night, so she took Yesterday and today off of work.
I didnt see dr. Barry this week. I should have saw her, but I did not want to spend a long time waiting in the hospital on wednesday morning, I felt kinda sick, so I canceled the apt until next week, I already got a phone call from her secretary with my apt for next wednesday, so that is good, I’ll also get my trevicta injection then.
I’ll be at my parents house for the weekend came here this afternoon, was going to spend it at home on my own but my mom said she’d prefer me to be with them, I think she knew I was kind of struggling a little, although I hadnt said anything to her about it.
The littles are so happy, they got a big package with 30 movies in it this week, they were so excited to get their own mail it was so sweet to watch them open it. We got them cheap on ebay.
My wasp issue seems to be sorted, they just disappeared, not sure how but so glad they did.
No other updates really, hope everyone has a great weekend.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “the last few days”

  1. What kind of movies did you get? The weather sounds beautiful and I’m jealous…we have been in rain and cold for most of the start of our “summer”. I’m ready for heat and sunshine…please

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    1. They were mostly Disney movies, like in chanted, Wally, the Incredibles, monsters Inc, movies like that, then we also got a couple of DVDs with episodes of shows on them like Mickey Mouse clubhouse and little Einstein’s, I hope you get some good weather soon sounds like you need it


  2. It’s 100 degrees right now as I write this. Of course I have air conditioning, so it’s comfortable inside, but 100 degrees is till hot. I can put my hand against the front door and feel the heat. I’m sure the did must have been thrilled to get a package all their own, I know I still like to get packages all my own. Monday, as I may have mentioned, my apartment was thermally treated for bedbugs. I had to stay out of it all day and ended up having to spend the night at my friend’s house as it was still too hot. Jamie behaved quite well, although I think he has separation anxiety as he hates to have me out of his sight and will set to wining and complaining when he can’t see me. I’m back at home and in business although I’ve had to set up and plug things back in. I hope you have a good weekend. In some ways, it shows that you are stronger in that you didn’t feel the need to beat down the walls to see Dr. Barry. xxx

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  3. It’s fantastic that the kids got soo many movies and that it made them happy. It sounds like you have a good weekend and I hope it will continue for the rest of it. My weekend is also very good, I’m feeling very positive recently and it’s a great weather here, I’m sitting on the terrace right now with my Mum and we’re both online, me on my computer and she on her smart phone, and we also chat a lot.

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