question of the day June 9th

do you think enough is being done to combat the stigma of mental illness, or would you like to see more done, if so, what could or should be done to combat stigma?


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “question of the day June 9th”

  1. My way is to be open and honest and to give myself the freedom to educate people, especially when prejudice and ignorance are spoken. I have given myself that “power”. I write copiously about (my) mental illness, and I find it difficult to tolerate anyone’s joking about psychiatric illness. Who has not been affected by these illnesses, anyway?>
    So, dear Carol Anne, that is how I handle stigma.
    Years ago, I may have not been so bold.
    Now, I seize on that.
    ~~My closest friend has done art work (mosaics, really) and one piece she made was a rainbow. On that rainbow, she included people who bravely live with mental illnesses.
    That is my disposition, then:
    Mental illnesses are definitely on the continuum of *all* human life.

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    1. Hi Leslie, I agree, they are on the continuum, I’m glad your friend did that art piece and that she included mental illness as part of the Mosaic. Do you write a blog? I never knew that, what is the link to it?


      1. No, dear Carol Anne, I do not write a blog. I do however write a great deal on Facebook. If you are on there, please friend me: Leslie Robin Kassal.
        Thanks for all that you give of yourself. I believe that you help so many other people by seeing how brave and courageous you are!


  2. I hate anyone joking about it too when it comes to mental health. After hearing the same old joke in my work place some years ago amongst colleagues towards end of shift, I had to speak up. It shut them up. Down the line, I still hear the same joke occasionally and surprisingly a friend and work colleague using it on rare occasions. So I reminded that person also to stop saying that and why, saying I am shocked to hear you joke in this way, I don’t find this humour funny. It’s stopped.

    I hope my blogging helps to educate, help and inform too, while it also helps me.

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  3. tv and movies need to stop over dramatising mental disorders, and giving people a bad impression of them

    also, I think this rubbish about.. well, something happened on the news- the guy attacked someone or what ever, because he had mental illness, needs to stop

    not everyone who does bad things in the world have mental health issues. I have mental health issues, and you don’t see me making the news because I tore through the streets killing people. you get my drift anyway

    if all this stopped, people might be a little bit more willing to learn about it

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    1. Yeah, I agree, people would be more willing to learn I think if the news didn’t make it out to be so bad and that people with mental illness are awful people. Because we aren’t. XXX


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