friday evening

well my plans sorta changed. i didnt end up staying at the basement club until 4 like I thought I would. Instead I decided to go to my parents tonight, and spend the weekend, despite my earlier reservations about not wanting to be around my dad. Mom said he was doing better so I decided to give him a chance. So far its proving to be the right thing that I did. He’s a little subdued, and hasnt moaned or lost patience with me all day so that is good at least. Mom was making stir fry for dinner but I didnt have any. I had eaten at the basement club. My sister came over too with the kids. Davin got his hair cut that was a huge deal. He hates getting it cut. he cried the whole time. but then once it was done he loved his new hair lol. i asked mom if she’d be available to take me to my two doctor appointments and she said she would so that is good at least i’ll have someone to take me. i still dont see why the doctor couldnt have just flushedd out my ears for me. it wouldnt have taken her that long. my ear actually feels a little bit better today, it feels like its unblocked a little. but i’ll still have them flushed out. my dad has a hospital apt on monday for a chest x-ray. then the following monday he has a bone density scan. my two apts are next wednesday for the ear flushing and monday the 26th for the blood pressure monitor. i plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend. i’m going to be a totally lazy bum lol. i deserve a weekend where i can read, watch tv, chill out. the voice kids is coming on tv and i am dying to see it. i love singing shows like x factor and the voice. i suppose that is because i am passionate about singing. anyway the kids should be amazing i’m sure they will be. i feel glad i came to my parents tonight. i am happy i am not on my own. i realise now isolating isnt good for me. oh yeah before i forget, i got a great deal on ebay tonight! i sold an old cell phone it was a phone with talks software on it i sold it to a guy in the UK whose blind. so with the money i decided to go on ebay and see if i could get something. you’ll never guess what i snagged! a job lot of 100 cd’s and dvd’s, for 38 UK pounds! Thats a bargain if ever there was one. They are all brand new and sealed too. There are tons of movies in there for all ages so i think everyone in the system will be happy! another girl on an email list i am on sold me 16 disney dvd’s for 30 pounds, they are used but i dont care, and i dont think the kids will care either they will just be delighted to have movies! i kept it as a surprise because they love it when we get mail and well now i can tell them there is mail for them too! i also had my treat for the week today and i made an effort to include everyone in the treat so i bought us a chocolate and peanut butter filled donut! that was a huge hit let me tell ya. so yep its been a happy friday. i hope you all had a happy friday too. what one thing made you happy today?
carol anne


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

17 thoughts on “friday evening”

  1. eating my penne pasta with sauce! I still haven’t made my sauce with ground beef yet. Might this weekend, but like you, i just want to rest. I want burgers though and need to get my prescription at the pharmacy so I will do those things tomorrow and have Sunday to relax like I usually do. if you have facebook messenger, maybe we can talk? it doesn’t cost anything. if you want to that is!

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    1. Yeah I’d love to come out will be on sometime tomorrow, don’t have Facebook messenger on my phone at the moment but will be logging onto Facebook tomorrow so hopefully we can catch up then if I’m around tomorrow evening and you are too

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  2. I’m glad yhou’re at your parents and that things are going well. I can just see Darina dancing for joy about the sweet stuff! LOL I love to get barginas on Ebay.

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  3. You know, I always try to proofread what I write, but I do keep wanting to stick an H in the word you. I don’t know why. I guess everyone has their favorite typos! LOL

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  4. It’s nice that you had so chilled Friday. 🙂 And good that your mum will be able to take you to these apts. It’s also good that your dad is a bit better, hope it’ll continue and it’ll be only better. I’m glad that it’s also a good time for your kids, that they had a treat and that you bought movies for them. 🙂 Have a nice day today too. I had a nice Friday also. The thing that made me happy was that I had a really nice evening with my parents.


  5. I’m glad that things are a little more settled with your parents– especially your Dad. I know that wasn’t easy on you to be dealing with. Enjoy your lazy relaxed weekend. 🙂xx


  6. I’m glad you were happy at your parent’s place and had a chance to both chill out and have some company too – like you say, too much isolating isn’t good for us (I’m afraid I do too much of it). I hope your dad’s chest x-ray results are a bit better than last time.

    How’s your dad managing with his alcohol intake now – I know he was having to be more careful? It’s good that your mum is able to take to you to your two doctor’s appointments. Having your ears syringed is a strange feeling if they do it with warm water but it’s great when you realise how much better you can hear afterwards. When I had mine done, I really noticed how loud things sounded.

    You got some real bargains on eBay – all that music to listen to and fun DVDs for the kids to enjoy. Your doughnut sounded amazing – I love peanut butter and chocolate together – it’s a great combination.

    I had a busy but good Friday – I saw my peer support worker in the morning and in the afternoon, I had a lady from the local home improvements store who came to look at my kitchen. It was quite exciting for me as I’m thinking of having my kitchen extended and adapted (when I’ve got enough money) so that I’ll be able to access it myself and make use of it in my wheelchair and will then need a bit less help from my Carers. I’m looking forward to being able to be a bit more independent. I know you’ll understand how important that is having a disability yourself. It will be great although probably won’t be for about another year yet xxx 🙂


    1. wow ellie that will be amazing, i do understand how important it is to you. my dad is not doing well with his alcohol intake, all we can keep doing is encouraging him not to drink, he doesnt listen though thats the problem. xxx

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