question of the day june 1st 2017

good morning everyone

i hope today finds you in a good place, good mood, and if not, then i send you many hugs and much love and support

my question of the day today is

describe one thing your struggling with right now, and how that limits you in your life right now?

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

13 thoughts on “question of the day june 1st 2017”

  1. I’m struggling with a lot of things lately. The biggest issue is my depression worsening including suicidal ideations and thoughts of self-harm. Basically, it makes it difficult to do anything. I don’t care about things that are normally important to me. It also puts a strain on my marriage. My husband tries to help and I tend to ignore his thoughtful gestures because I don’t care about helping myself. We just got a new dog and hopefully that will help the depression even a little bit.

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  2. agoraphobia

    it limits me in my life because I can’t go for walks or get things done such as post letters or I can’t go to movie theaters or other atractions

    it also means I have to rely on the internet a lot, or people to come here

    I am housebound because of my agoraphobia. it is very bad

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    1. Hi, Emily. I just saw your comment on Carol anne’s post and wanted to let you know that you are not alone but you can recover from agoraphobia in time. I used to have it really badly too and it was so limiting and stopped me doing almost everything I wanted to do. I couldn’t even step foot out of the house on my own or sometimes even with others without being terrified. I do understand.

      Gradually, with therapy and the support of a good friend, I started to take just one step at a time outside the house, at first, slowly. To start with progress was painfully slow and frustrating but after some time, I started walking to the first lamppost I could see outside my house and then, gradually, to the next and then the next until I’d got to the end of the road. I carried on making progress and now, (although I am disabled and use a wheelchair), I am able to go out almost anywhere I want to by myself and can even travel on a bus or train which I would never have believed back then when I was struggling.

      I’m still trying to make more progress as my sister lives over 1000 miles away and I’d love to get on a plane and go and visit her (I’ve not been abroad yet) but I think that may be quite a way off yet and that is rather ambitious. I just have to have patience and just know I am doing my best.

      I have faith in you, Emily (I feel for you so much though). I think you will recover eventually, with a lot of hard work. I hope you have support and some friends or family who could help you get started perhaps when you feel the time is right.

      Take care, Ellie x

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  3. This week is quite good for me, I started holiday and so I’m not so stressed. But my biggest problem now is that I’m still rather depressive. I haven’t suicidal thoughts, luckily I rarely have them currently, but I self harmed a couple of days ago, cried a lot, isolated a bit and I have low mood very often. Evenings are the worst, ’cause untill late afternoon it isn’t that bad, I have quite a lot energy, do many things and my mood is higher, but the later it is, the more I’m down currently. And when I’m depressive I have sleep issues, which are my other problem or rather the other part of the same problem. I either sleep very badly at night, sometimes don’t sleep at all, or sleep too much and often have nightmares or wake up with fears that are quite hard to describe. Today I had my horse riding and actually wondered whether I’ll go or not, I slept only an hour and a half and thought am just to sleepy to ride. But I still wanted to see my horse and finally went and now I’m happy, ’cause I had a really good time there and we both worked well in my instructor’s opinion and now I’m not so sleepy and hope won’t be until evening, ’cause I want to do a few things. And even though I have these sleep issues and am down often I think this week’s been really good and I spent it doing lots of my favourite things. I’m very happy of one thing: that even I’m so depressive I’m able to feel pleasure, it’s not always possible to me and I know not everyone is so lucky when in depression. I appreciate it.


  4. I have been struggling with depression and anger. I had my first brain surgery for a benign growth in January. Discharges from the hospital after 3 days and re admitted with severe pain and intolerance of light. Ended up seizing and having meningitis. Stayed 4 days in ICU and another 5 days on regular floor. Was having many problems with dizziness. Husband insisted they do an MRI. They found an infection where they took out the growth. There was a pocket of pus in my brain. The infection went into the flap of bone. They had to remove that bone fragment it was approx 5 by 6 inches. I had to be back on IV antibiotics at home again. Just got cleared by doctor for surgery to place prosthetic bone flap on brain. I am angry because of losses I have incurred over the last 3years. I had my mom and sis on hospice. They both died last year. I could not work. Husband took up long haul trucking. He would be gone 21 days and home for 3. He has cheated on me twice in our 32 year marriage. I have trust issues with him. He shoots back at me ” I thought your faith calls for forgiveness.” With me being as sick as I have been, he found more local work for far less money. We have been bankrupted. I can’t drive because of seizures for at least 6 months. I feel trapped at home. Husband tries to get me out some on weekends and to church. I do have problems with forgiveness and anger at being put in the position I am in. I am tired of so much.

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