basement club summer activities start this week

i havent gone to the basement club at all this week. mainly because my funds were low and so i couldnt go. but i have enough money now to go a couple times next week.
they are planning summer activities at the moment. the first of which is an outing this week to go bolling, for pizza, and to play quaazar.
i am not going, its on friday, and i cant go as i have to go to the hospital with mom on that day.
another activity thats being planned for this summer is a bbq and talent show in a big park in the city centre. i think that will be so much fun, it just sounds fun and like something i’d definitely have interest in doing.
we will also go on some days out, 3 or 4 I think. Usually we go to beaches, or local touristy attractions. If I am around I’ll probably go on some of the trips.
I always like the summer season at the basement club. everybodys in a good mood and when we do activities we can forget for a while about our own problems and our own mental illnesses.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

13 thoughts on “basement club summer activities start this week”

  1. Wow, these summer activities sound great, it would be really nice if you could participate in some of them, it’s always great to have something nice to do during the same and forget for a while about everything that isn’t so nice and pleasant.
    Wishing you good and happy summer.

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  2. Hi, Carol anne. It’s a shame you have to miss Friday’s activities but all the upcoming activities and ideas sound great. I do hope you can do some of the things you really like. The Basement Club sounds like a good place to hang out or meet up with like-minded friends. I hope you have a lovely summer. The weather here is good at the moment (sunny and warm today) although I think it’s meant to be thunder and lightning tomorrow! Hope you get the sun and not the lightning where you are xxx 🙂

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