back to my nutritionist this morning :-)

this morning i go to see karen o my nutritionist. i havent seen her since march. when i went into hospital i stopped going, and when i came home I couldnt get up the courage to text her and ask her to slot me in for an appointment. the motivation to work on my diet and lose weight just wasnt there. but last week it came back. and i’ve mostly been doing good the last 10 or so days. i have slipped a few times but i’ve been eating relatively well and exercising too. she is going to weigh me tomorrow. i think the last time she weighed me in march i was about 102 kg, or 15 stone 12 pounds. now i am starting to wonder if i’ll be up or down tomorrow when she weighs me. i have to start losing this excess weight. i just have to. for my own sake, because walking has become hard, my back has started to give me trouble, for health reasons if nothing else I have to do this. karen is very understanding about things, she knows food and eating and diet and all that goes with that are huge triggers for me. not to mention the emotion that goes with it as well. so yeah. will keep you all posted as to how i get on tomorrow.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

3 thoughts on “back to my nutritionist this morning :-)”

  1. It’s fantastic that you were so disciplined most of the week! Try to keep it. And great that you come back to your nutritionist, I think it’ll help you. Hope this apt will be or was good for you. Yeah, definitely health is a good reason to be fit, great that you have so much motivation I wish you to not lose it.

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  2. It’s good that you found the courage to phone Karen and now have an appointment. You’ve been doing well although I understand it’s so difficult when food and eating etc are triggers for you. Eating is also a trigger for me but I have been learning to cope with it better these last couple of years. It’s great that you are being so positive about losing weight – I’m sure you will feel benefits from eating a good diet. Don’t be hard on yourself about the odd slip-up – we all have them – I know I certainly do. I’ve got every confidence in you, my friend – you’re doing great! Love Ellie xxx 🙂


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